Monday, August 2, 2010

a chilled glass of chocolatey irony at serendipity 3

fate. destiny. john cusack. serendipity.

actually, none of those words had any influence on me eating at serendipity 3 when i was in las vegas this past week. the only words that did were FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE.

the words FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE makes me think of alanis morissette's song "ironic." how can something frozen be hot and how can something hot be cold? and if so does that mean hell can freeze over? better yet, will i live long enough to see that day? although i did not witness lucifer in a down jacket, i did sip some frozen hot chocolate at serendipity 3. and for $9.75 a pop for a small cup (the "for two" size is big enough to allow you to skinny dip in it), you can taste a little bit of irony, too.

how does irony taste like you may wonder? icy and chocolatey. not overwhelming or underwhelming...just static and basic. in fact, if this is what irony tastes like, then i would have rather spent my 10 duckets on a straight forward chocolate milkshake instead.

i also didn't appreciate the fact that it's powder based with a ton of ice blended in. perhaps i missed the creamy nature of a milkshake...or perhaps i felt like a fool paying $9.75 for cocoa powder and ice. perhaps the hype deflated too quickly in front of me and even viagra couldn't help it. perhaps i just don't like the way irony tastes. perhaps it would have tasted better if john cusack was actually sitting in it. perhaps i need to stop using the word perhaps. perhaps.

not willing to sit in gustatory defeat, i ordered a side of sweet potato fries ($6) hoping for a deep fry high. oh momma i'm glad i did because it was tasty! sweet, crispy, with a hint of brown sugar to bring this savory item to an almost dessertish level. though small in portion side, it is big enough fatty. although i did not taste their other menu items, i was pretty much convinced that this was as good as it'll get.

*sigh* oh irony. it's like hoping to win it big in vegas. the end.

Serendipity 3
3570 Las Vegas Blvd. S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 731-7373

price: $$
verdict: it's aight
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  1. Oh! So that's what irony tastes like!

    Btw, I really like the movie Serendipity :-)

  2. I had one in NYC. I was not impressed. Boo!

  3. Heh, 3rd commenter (unserendipitous3?) to chime in on the 'meh'-ness of this frozen hot chocolate. I meant to blog about its mediocrity from my previous Vegas trip last year, but it slipped my mind (big surprise.) Thanks for getting the word out!

  4. FUUUK EW ALL. I love this shit. I love it. As an ex-Bridge N tunneler, I love this place. I love the stupid candy store up the street, and I love the stinkin' tiny upstairs where I had a "Serendipitous" moment (left my scarf there, true story). I love how we went to skate the day after having S3.

    All you bitch-ass Kali Hollyhood Kunts fucked it up. And now it's in Vegas. I cried when I walked by.

  5. I actually really liked the frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity 3 in New York. I've got the photographic evidence to prove it!

  6. My question is how much money you won in Vegas. :)

  7. cathy- i LOOOOOVE john cusack. such a cutie. the movie too.

    sharon- don't they also have that 1k sundae? something like that.....

    h.c.- underwhelming indeed!

    tony- there, there *pat, pat* you're all worked up again.

    diana- you can also make it yourself :) they sell the powder mix.

    marie- hmmm...more like how much $$ i lost. *tears*

  8. OMG serenpidity is one of my fav movies, I have the dvd! $10 is outrageous, but you are in Vegas after all, and at Caesars no less

  9. stuffy cheaks- i'm not so much surprised by the cost as i am over the mediocrity of this over hyped drink.


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