Monday, December 6, 2010

sweet successes for the eat my blog bake sale 2010

once in a while, you might get an offer that you cannot refuse. so when cathy of gastronomy blog asked me to join her and the eat my blog committee (consisting of diana of diana takes a bite and laurie of g-ma's bakery) to become the fourth member, i COULD NOT refuse. charity, baked goods, a fried farro lunch meeting with rendered bacon bits at canele? yes ladies, sign me up!

so i did. i quickly found myself swept up in a whirlwind of eat my blog logistics, helping internally and blogging for the sweet cause as needed. i also brought back my one hit wonder, my yummy rummies for my third stab at baking for the bake sale (they were sold out of course, thanks to my shameless promotion of them and empty threats at customers with fists shaking. yes, i'm quite persuasive ;)~

though the day was exhausting, it was a truly wonderful experience to behold. the camaraderie i witnessed between food bloggers, sweet eaters, and plain ole charitable peeps was a warming sight indeed. furthermore, our common desire to contribute to the los angeles regional food bank whose main mission is to "fight hunger" resonated deeply within all of us and we are proud to say that the winter 2010 edition of eat my blog has raised over $3,700 adding to a grand total of over $12,000 for this three timing bake sale.

too many yummy goods to choose from!

watching your waistline? no problem.

the long but successful day ended with a glass of ice cold hard apple cider at the burger kitchen and a ramen dinner at robata jinya (to be blogged). although barely alert at that point, i knew in the back of my fuzzy mind that my participation in the eat my blog planning committee was an offer i truly could not refuse. so glad that i didn't.....


  1. How awesome you all are, and what a great way to celebrate. With beer!

  2. sharon- it was a ball! fun and for charity, best of both worlds.

    stuffy- first time drinking hard apple cider. i like.

  3. You were a fine addition to our squad, Bags! I hope we didn't scare you away for the next go round ;-)

  4. cathy, i'm amongst fine company working for a wonderful cause. that is more than enough incentive for me to do it all over again. woot!

  5. I think I was one of the "victims" of your threats! :P

  6. you looked like a good rum cake victim panda!

  7. Awesome! I swear I'll make it to one of these...before I leave LA in the distant future!

  8. bianca, it will be worth your time!


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