Sunday, August 2, 2009

craving carvel

a couple of years ago, my friend introduced me to carvel cake that you can readily get at any ralphs. since then, i've been HOOKED. i like the fact that it's mostly ice cream and the crumbly bits of chocolate cake that you find in between the layers of ice cream are just enough to remind you that it is indeed still a cake. in their own right, these crumbly pieces of chocolate are quite delicious too and reminds me of intense brownie bits hardened by the freezer. even the plasticky tasting frosting with it's neon bright colors will not deter me from some carvel though that part is my least favorite.

here's a prefabbed carvel cake that you can get at ralphs. i always get this one when i feel the carvel crave. if i count up all the carvel birthday cakes i've picked up for myself at ralphs, i'd be about 60 by now.

mmmm, the best part! a slice of carvel cake! notice the delicious pockets of cakey cookie bits.

this is my typical carvel plate. i usually cut myself a first slice, but after a split second moment of greed, i will always cut a second SLIGHTLY smaller slice to stack on top. as you can see i kinda loves it.

i know there are about three carvel cake stores near me but have yet to seek them out ( most of the time, these ice cream cake buys are impulsive buys. they sure are yummy though...basic, delicious, and fun and i never regret the spoonfuls of carvel that i shove into my pie hole.


  1. and this is why you're a great american. even w/out a bday to celebrate, you support carvel's. i love their ice cream cake. beats the shit out of 31 flavors' ice cream cake.

  2. baskin robbins is too "cakey."

  3. hi there roamingbelly
    thx for the comment

  4. oh the memories! and the hilarious/strange commercials! growing up, there was a carvel about 1.5 miles from our house. and in HS (with nothing else to do), we use to hang out in front of the carvel.

  5. doughmesticity- ohhh, how dangerous!

  6. I saw this cake at Vons today and thought of you. I didn't buy it.. but maybe next time I'm feeling down, I'll pretend it's my birthday and have some yummy cake.

  7. alex, pretend birthdays can be fun. carvel can probably replace prozac for some folks... :)

  8. I just ate one now. Those cookie bits sandwiched between the vanilla and chocolate ice cream are what makes this cake great. YUMMY... and I still have more in the fridge.

  9. Hi there! As a local Carvel Employee, I must say that I do share the joy of Carvel Cake! It's a labor of love making them in the store. Looking at these pictures however, it appears to me whoever made this was in a rush...there should be a even layer of vanilla and chocolate, with an evenly spread amount of crunch.
    What is crunch?
    Simply, ground up flying saucer cookies covered in brown bonnet


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