Saturday, August 15, 2009

just peachy

Gourmet Cobbler Factory
33 N Catalina Ave
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 795-1005

price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!

i don't need much of an excuse to treat myself to something sweet. boo boo on my finger? ice cream will fix that! getting the sniffles? chocolate will do the trick! going into work on a saturday morning? a razor to slit my wrist should make it better!...i mean, gourmet cobbler factory will make things feel right again! yup, that's what happened this saturday...i wanted a, i NEEDED a taste of peachy cobblerness to dull the pain of having to go into work on a saturday morning. bah humbug says i, bah humbug!

pasadena can be fun but i typically avoid it like a child with lice because it feels like an annoying mall spread across several blocks. parking also blows cheap whores as well. luckily, gourmet cobbler factory is located away from the typical crappy pasadena driving, congestion, and parking and sits quietly on a quiet side street. actually, if you don't look for it, you might miss it because the storefront is rather humble looking dontcha think?

neato african dolls to dress up the store inside. no faces though...creepy.

single serving peach, apple, and mixed berry cobblers for sale! buy me one please?! buy me one before they run out because based on their "we-make-just-enough-to-sell-and-no-waste-up-in-here," it sounds like they sometimes do run out.

an "in your face" menu lists the price of procurring some yumminess for your tumminess. i had thoughts of buying an 8 x 10 peach cobbler for a housewarming i was attending tonight, but it turns out that orders larger than a single serving must be placed an hour and half before pickup. i didn't have the time to wait and putz around pasadena so i ordered a peach cobbler and a sweet potato tartlet instead for moi.

delicious peach cobbler! thin crust and intensely sweet peaches in an almost bittersweet syrupy sauce. a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream added to this warm peach cobbler will diffuse the sweet intensity and can turn any frown upside down!

check out the cinnamon specks on this translucent piece of peachy love. lovely flavor and it will taste just as good the day after.

sweet potato tartlet. this misleading picture might make you think of a huge flying saucer, but in actuality, can comfortably sit in a petite asian girl's palm.

yummy, light flavor. subtle sweetness that reminds me of turkeys and giving thanks.

so gourmet cobbler factory, i THANK YOU for being around so i can buy myself a bit of sweetness when the day had started so bitterly. yum and i'll see ya soon ya hear!


  1. Sweets aren't my thing, but this sounds like a yummy treat!

  2. I went here ages ago due to... yup Huell Hauser. I was a bit disappointed. Maybe I'm not a cobbler fan? Maybe I need a more sugary crust? The syrup was too much for me. I agree that ice cream is a must. Glad they're still around tho.

  3. alex- no offense, but you're WEIRD. sweets makes life sweeter!

    yjs- huell hauser...ah, the bumbling old man...the current owners had this place for about 9 yrs now. apparently it's changed a few hands. my friend didn't like it, but i thought it was dandy. it all goes back to the idea that food is a very personal thing. i loves me cobbler.


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