Thursday, August 20, 2009

my happy meal

Yard House
800 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 745-9273

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!

i never use to think much about happy hour. to me, it seemed like a sorry gathering of overworked peoples bitching about work while eating $2 tacos at alcapulco's. methinks that sounds lousy. THEN i realized that happy hour meant getting deals on drinks and fried shit so i was sold. heck, i became a convert and happy hour became my gospel. let's all praise to the glory that is fried calamari and apple martinis!

my work requires a lot of alcohol to forget, so i find myself going to happy hour every so often to nurse the battle wounds that comes from a hard day's work or a hard week's work. yeah, these gatherings usually end up to be bitch sessions about work, but the main difference here is that i get to cuss like a sailor and drink till i'm drank. there is something wonderful about relieving stress with alcohol :)

for the past two happy hours, my friends and i ended up at the yard house in downtown. it's located in the nokia center near staples center and has a wide range of appetizers and under $5 martini's and $3 beers. the last time, i got this apple martini which was yummy but weak :(

then came the buffalo wings (standard fare). is it proper to lick thy fingers?

fried calamari. nothing says hola happy hora than fried calamari. this one was especially greasy and looks like it needed a biore blotting tissue.

firecracker wings. spicy wings that are asian inspired with a dusting of civil rights sesame seeds. they were pretty tasty.

and the best part, yard house garlic noodles which are noodles with parmesean cheese and shitake mushroom slices. NOTHING beats crustacean's garlic noodles, but this was a yummy substitute.

yeah, i know yard house is a chain restaurant and there's nothing special about it, but like a seat protector in a public restroom, it serves a purpose which is to give a group of overworked patrons a place to drink and eat and bitch and moan. thank god for happy hours!


  1. hear hear. let the angry workers eat their chicken wangs and fried calimari! i'm down with that and i love happy hour prices too.

  2. Happy hour is what gets me through the work week.. and yes, Yard House has one of the best ones out there.

  3. yjs- i bet they are eating it angrily too. i have a good picture in my head as i imagine this......

    alex- tangent, but when i see acfromdc i see the word afro. how many happy hours do you go per week?

  4. Way too many, Amy. My office is right above a bar in Hollywood. Then from the Metro station to my apartment in Downtown, I probably pass another 5 or 6...

  5. how do you manage to walk straight alex?!


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