Tuesday, August 25, 2009

put a cork in it

403 W 12th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 746-0050

price: $$$
verdict: it's aight

as i sat across from my foodblogger friend and her handsome cross-eyed companion behind his dark shades of mystery, i couldn't help but think how eharmony-esque this all was. you chat with each other via your food blogs or what not and perhaps eventually, you end up meeting them for drinks or some crap ass snacks at the corkbar in downtown l.a. like we did :) if i was a yelp machine, i would give my foodie comrade and her wandering eyed companion 5 stars for being fun times, but if i focused solely on eating, i would give corkbar a swift kick in the butt! what a suprise disappointment especially after all the raving reviews i have read.

the corkbar is located on the corner of grand and 12th which might be a bustling epicenter of activity after work, or a great happy hour hangout during the weekday, but for a sunday early dinner, it felt as abandoned as roanoke colony in north carolina. as we sat there, i half expected a tumbleweed to roll down grand street and then a sweaty, mustachy sheriff to ride into town. alas, it was just us party of 4 chatting about food, death, and doggies.

i started with a glass of tempranillo wine. we then quickly dove into their mac and cheese which to me was smooth, rich, and creamy but lacked the crustiness that usually drives me batty when it comes to a good mac and cheese dish. instead, this dish looked like bubbling celluite doesn't it?

i ordered their preserved lemon and melon salad which overall tasted ok, though the strong salt bursts from the preserved lemon/kumquat rinds really threw my tastebuds in for a loop. the melons were ripe and sweet which probably would have been put to better use as a summer fruit salad than a salty one burdened by salty rinds...just sayin' though i ain't no cook.

my friend ordered a rib eye steak sandwich which was rather good. roasted peppers with juicy medium done meat.

everything we had there was "acceptable" but certainly did not knock my socks off. since there are way too many good eateries in l.a. to give this corkbar a 2nd try, i guess i'll keep my judgements quick and to the point. NO MAS.


  1. hey this sounds familiar. you get 5 stars too. and how come my companero is handsome but i am not beautiful? /:P heheheee. heee! it was a roanoake settlement, a moon outpost etc. damn what a bad call. next time we eat dumplings and noodles in m. park. that sounds like fun. or 9 course beef.

  2. it is already understood that you are bootiful :) (dang, i sounded so lebanese there!) let's just say you are a complete package and that's worth more than any individual quality. mmmm....dumplings or beef. ok, you're on!

  3. we all know "complete package" is euphamism for homely but I'll take it!! hehee. i'm starving right now and dumplings, noodles and beef all sound sooo gooooooood. okay i stop stalking you now.

  4. haha, you're stupid.

    let me break it down. you're hotter than him AND you're a complete package. he is out of his league is what i'm sayin'.

    go eat!

  5. i love it when you tell these sweet little lies. hehe. and why can't i spell euphemism? i'm a spelling disastrophy. hope u hv fun at skool today. sook

  6. Sounds like a nice Sunday afternoon despite the food and emptiness. Can't comment on the people, but that mac and cheese don't look so good, man.

  7. sooky- no lies, just the truth. always.

    alex- the mac and cheese was aight. definitely like the crustiness of the kitchen on fountain a WHOLE lot more.

  8. this place served us raw risotto. us = a table of Asians. with all the options in DTLA, I see zero reason to come. have you visited Bottle Rock?

  9. funny you should say that chinese soul. i went to BottleRock yesterday. delicious!


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