Wednesday, December 9, 2009

good service in the sgv? stfu!

like indiana jones in search of the holy grail, searching for good service in the sgv may be just as elusive, minus the car chases and flying bullets. but it DOES exist, and some of this "mythical good service" can be found here. stfu! yes. here, at big 3 seafood bbq.

when i go visit my relatives on that side of town, they always insist on going to big 3 for lunch. i always comply because it's difficult to stray when you're held hostage by senior citizens (dude, walking canes hurt when you get beaten by them). in general, the food here is quite alright, nothing to blog about per se, but the service is impeccable so THAT in and of itself is bloggable :) i do warn you that there are some horror stories about the food that i've read on yelp...but like fergie in the face of her husband's infedelity allegations, i will deal with it when it happens. the food is decent and cheap and with good service to boot, it is always busy when we go.

the last time we went, we ordered abalone because of a promotion they had. i don't understand the fascination chinese people have with abalone (i'm sure it has something to do with health benefits), but the three of us of the younger, non-cane bearing generation thought it tasted fishy. on other occasions when my parents prepared it, i still didn't think the taste warranted the price. it is outrageous. anyways, here it is all cut up. i didn't pull my camera out in time before the old people got to it.

squab (domestic pigeon). my dad makes the best squab dish and every version i've tasted outside of my parent's home has paled in comparison. the squab at big 3 is not bad and the price point is very reasonable...code word for CHEAP. crispy skin with a hint of sweetness. i suggest that you give squab a chance, whether here or elsewhere. it is an understated bird with flavors that packs a punch.

dang, look at the beak on that sucker! this is what you get for pooping on my car...KIDDING.

crab meat and egg white scramble. this dish is very silky and rather tasty. spoon it over your rice and you have a savory dish that reminds you of a custard. i liked this a lot and was glad it was placed right in front of me.

bitter melon with black beans. i use to HATE bitter melon as a child, but as an adult, i've developed a liking to it. i think my palate has broadened a lot. come on now, i use to put SALT on my PICKLES as a kid. talk about yuck right?! this dish was so bitter that it's refreshing if that makes any sense.

battered deep fried (sole?) fish with soy sauce. YUM. the crispy fins and crispy bones makes my mouth water. some places really screw this dish up by using oil that has been used and resused since the early 80's. big 3 did not. it was tasty.

stir fried yam leaves. this dish is not widely available so it was a suprise to see it here. i thought it was a tad stringy.

fried tofu squares with meat stuffing. you spoon a bit of soy sauce on it for flavor. the big 3 fried tofu squares weren't greasy which was a plus.
the whole meal was under $10 per person, with tip included. throughout the meal, our waters were filled without asking and the server came by on multiple occasions to check on us to make sure we were happy with our food. she even took the time to explain how a dish was made when we asked, NOTHING like the brush off you usually get at chinese restaurants in the sgv. although the quality of food and ambience may not warrant a special trip to big 3, if you happen to be around the area and would like to try some of the things you've seen here, you will be most certainly happy with the price point and service.
Big 3 Seafood BBQ
240 W Main St
Alhambra, CA 91804
(626) 300-3990
price: $
verdict: it's aight
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  1. good service? you mean the kind where they don't tell you to keep your pie hole shut cuz you too loud? wow.

  2. haha, and like suckas, we still tip.

  3. ah man, I need to go out to the SGV. it's been weeks since I've had chinese food.

  4. dude, what have you been eating?

  5. WTF.. I lived a mile away for a year, and never stopped in. Keep seeing the squab deal but.. now I'm so far away. Interesting. It's like.. Canto food? But not really?


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