Tuesday, December 15, 2009

on target with banh mi my tho

yesterday, $2.20 got me a waxy, plasticky cheddar cheese pretzel at target when i was slowly dying from hunger and needed to eat, lest i rip another target shopper's arm and turn the whole shopping event into a zombie movie. no really, all drama aside, hunger makes me whine like a little bitch.

as i took a bite of that nasty pretzel, i realized that an extra 5 cents would have gotten me a sammich at banh mi my tho in alhambra, but unfortunately, i had to munch in the cleaning section of target in eagle rock which was no where near banh mi my tho. how unfortunate for me.
if you haven't been here before, this shop gets mighty busy at times, and for good reason. i don't know how long the wait was for this dude, but from his anxious looks, it must have been an eternity.

check out the prices! dayam! where in the world can you get such a delicious filling sammich for 2 bucks and some change? where, god, where?!

you can also get an array of cheap but delicious things to eat there, such as egg rolls, spring rolls, rice cakes with dried shrimp, and a bunch of vietnamese sweets. let's just say, $2.20 could have gotten me a lot more yum for my buck than a rock of a pretzel at target.

they also sell maggi which is my dad's soy sauce of choice when it comes to soy sauce choices. after some quick googling, it turns out it's not even made from soy...go figure. and it's created by nestle, double go figure. but if you've never had it before, there is this fragrance that erupts on your tongue and rises up to your nose that regular ole soy sauce like kikkoman and the likes will not do. by far, it has a superior taste and is great for cooking and dipping.

i usually end up with a banh mi dac biet when i visit this little sammich shop, which has pate and slices of vietnamese style head cheese and zaw. they are generous with the meat as well as the pickled veggies that are stuffed in it so for $2.25, you get a filling meal indeed.

SOMETIMES, i get their vietnamese iced coffee, but only if i want to be wired for a few hours. the coffee here is pretty strong and costs more than the sammich!

so now, can you imagine my dismay when i had to fork over $2.20 for a nasty pretzel when i was only 5 cents short and about 10 miles away from banh mi my tho? sometimes, life can be so cruel.....
Banh Mi My Tho
304 W Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91803
(626) 289-4160
price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!
Banh Mi My Tho on Urbanspoon
Banh Mi My Tho in Los Angeles


  1. Banh mi is the greatest bang for buck out there. Love those sandwiches SO SO much!

  2. I've been meaning to blog about this place for awhile as one of my favorite cheap eats -- particularly love the charbroiled beef and meatball sandwiches, and their eggrolls!

  3. ravenous couple- i should have picked up those pennies from the ground!

    gastronomer- give me a vietnamese sammich and a nice icy cup of vietnamese coffee ANY DAY.

    h.c.- you go blog now! :) i love the variety of food this place offers and CHEAP...hello cheap. i am sold.

  4. My, I'm getting sooo hungry! Everything looks delicious!


  5. apparently Banh Mi My tho serves much more than just banh mi. this is good to know cuz... they've run out of bread on at least 2 occasion

  6. nina- pictures of food when you're hungry is the worst!

    sinosoul- i find it hard to readjust my tastebuds when i go somewhere for a particular thing. finding no bread at a banh mi shop sucks. seriously.

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