Wednesday, December 30, 2009

would dorothy eat here? no seriously.

second chances are overrated. sometimes, if the said person or thing fucks up then it/he/she should be outie like 2008. that's the way it should be. so pray tell me why people give second chances in the first place?

today, i gave a second chance to auntie em's kitchen in eagle rock. it was hard not to because i always come across rave reviews about it so i literally tricked myself into thinking that my first breakfast experience there was a fluke and that this time around, it will be sooooooo much better. NOT. NOPE. HELLS NO. DELUSIONAL. SIKE. STUPID.

today, my friends and i went down there for lunch to catch up on each other's businazz. even though it was raining, auntie em's was rather busy. as we stood around their extremely tight quarters waiting for a table, i saw a tray of these delicious looking roasted squash. mmmm....i immediately knew that a few of them will be in my mouth a.s.a.p. i was pretty excited because i really wanted to like this place and it's so close to target!

but my renewed positivity for this place started to deflate when i overheard a man tell the cashier that he would never come back. i don't know what spurred his statement, but he looked pretty fed up and i was reminded once again how fed up i was the last time i was here. i crossed my fingers for my friends' sake that auntie em's didn't suck bull's testicles.

once we were seated, i looked through the menu and zoned in on the seasonal veggie choices. i ended up ordering the veggie salad which had a variety of roasted squash and eggplants on a bed of greens with cherry tomatoes and a tart salad dressing. the whole thing was topped with a few slices of brie cheese and a big hefty slice of bread.

i was a tad disappointed at how cold the veggies were. i know salads are usually on the cooler side of the thermometer, but i was hoping that these were a little warmer. don't get me wrong, everything was aight in this big salad bowl, but overall, it lacked a little umpf....i really wanted it to umpf.

our server came by once to take our order and NEVER came back ever again. even though we wanted to order a red velvet cupcake to round out our lunch, we never got a chance and we decided the irritation of playing the waiting game would not be alleviated by any cupcake found at auntie em's...not even their infamous red velvet ones.

so ok tasting food with mediocre service hardly warrants a third chance. so i'm done. no thanks auntie em! i'm leaving on the next twister with dorothy and toto! i'd rather take this kind of abuse out there in the sgv. at least when it happens, i'm not suprised or just is.

Auntie Em's Kitchen
4616 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 255-0800

price: $$
verdict: not worth my time
Auntie Em's Kitchen on Urbanspoon
Auntie Em's Kitchen in Los Angeles


  1. I gotta make it one of these days. Cuz it's J Gold's essential 99, no? and I have a coupon.

  2. absolutely you need to check it out chinese guy. but ya know, gold's experience is not every mortal's man experience. i doubt the staff at auntie em's would ignore his needs for another glass of water. the bad service was the kicker for me...and they be white people too! aren't they the ones that invented the tip?! rant over, have a great new years!

  3. Happy new years! I've been wanting to try out their famous red velvet cakes ever since I moved to the east side. Well.. soon! Maybe I'll just grab one to go.

  4. afro, you should try out their food too! my two bad service experiences might have been a double fluke, like getting struck by lightning twice. anyways, you be the judge. their red velvets are yum though.

    happy new year to you too! can't wait to see what other food porn pics you take with that nifty camera of yours :)

  5. Wow... I've never actually heard a patron utter the words "I'm never coming back" wow, definitely not a good sign! The salad presentation seems kinda meh to me too. Thanks for the heads up & Happy 2010!

  6. thank you southbay! have a great 2010!

  7. Wow. That certainly changes me desire to eat there! But I still do want to try that darn red velvet cupcake...

  8. Damn, a 65? That is harsh. I totally trust you though. I'm very picky about my brunching spots. Will not bother with Auntie Em.

  9. diana- the red velvet cupcake is rather good. yes, do try it when you get the chance.

    gastronomer- i was FED UP. i hate begging for stressed me out especially when i was looking for some peaceful eats. not enough money in the wallet to waste it on these kind of places.


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