Saturday, December 19, 2009

yo yoshida!

do you have friends that rarely, and i mean rarely, like a pig with wings flying over a fence while drinking a stella, want to eat outside of their neighborhood? like you meet me near my house to eat or i see you later? ah, i have a friend like that and she lived in the sgv and any time she was asked to go closer to the westside for eats, she would break out in hives. now she lives in orange county which means if i want to see her, i would have to get a passport and go there. yes friend, i'm talking about you.

when she use to live out in san gabriel, i would meet her for sushi at yoshida. yoshida was actually one of the first places i yelped that worked out great. the sushi is pretty awesome, fresh, and tasty especially out there all surrounded by chinese food.

the last time we went, we ordered a medly of things because her husband joined us as well as another good friend of ours. we started off with a pair of deep fried, panko encrusted crab cake boobies. they were yummy, but seriously, how do you ever eff up deep fried eats anyways? i really liked the chunks of crab meat in it and it was a good way to bring oil and grease to an otherwise "technically" healthy meal.

i HAD to order the spicy tuna handroll and at yoshida, you can choose the heat level. i decided to stick with 6 because i cry a little when i eat hot cheetos so anything higher than a 6 may make my butt hurt. turns out the heat wasn't too bad at all. must have been my vietnamese roots that made me tougher than i thought.

uni, maguro, and abacore with ponzu sauce. must have staples for me at any sushi joint. the fish were pretty fresh.

unagi rolls. the belly conquering one eel at a time.

japanese scallop roll. very sweet and fresh. i'd take these sweet thangs over chocolate any day.

and the yoshida roll, an overstuffed fish fatass in a nori jumpsuit. seriously, i appreciate all the different fish they stick in there but it's way too big for the average mouth, even for a big yappy mouth like mine.

my section of the yoshida roll always ends up looking like this after a bite. i don't know, sushi wasn't meant to look like this right? all broken up, depressed, like it lost its mortgage on one game of craps? each time it's ordered, i always wonder why we do it.

so now that she's moved to the oc with her husband so they can live in their dream house, i'm not sure i will even have any reason to go to yoshida anymore since i live so close to other great sushi eats. the one thing yoshida has which i have not yet tried is their fresh uni in its spiky natural cover. but is it really worth it to drive to san marino for that? do you know where i can get that fresh sushi without diving for it? my belly would like to know.

2026 Huntington Dr
San Marino, CA 91108
(626) 281-9292

price: $$$
verdict: tasty, try it!

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Yoshida sushi bar in Los Angeles


  1. Thanks for the write up! This joint is totally in my hood. I'll check it out the next time the sushi mood hits.


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