Friday, April 24, 2009

carb load

Yummy Pizza Inc.
891 W Baker St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 979-2669

price: $
verdict: it's aight

located in a strip mall surrounded by three japanese restaurants on a somewhat quiet street, it pulled us in because we were hungry and needed sustenance. you know, the carbo filled, doughy kind of sustenance that going to a japanese restaurant could not seem to fulfill at that time.

yummy pizza inc. was an unexpectedly cute find. the service was AWESOME. the lady that helped run the place made us feel like we were sitting in her very own dining room in her house because she was super attentive and made sure we felt at home...and we did. i ordered a calzone and garlic bread while my friend ordered their gyro. the garlic bread was interesting. instead of the typical french bread infused with butter, it was a flat round bread brushed with "essence of garlic?" not sure how else to describe it because it seriously was round, flat, and had no evidence of garlic on it. it was tasty though and the calzone was yummy too. the calzone was mostly made of bread with a bit of filling. i guess my desire for carbs was fulfilled that night.

the place serves average tasting food, but the service really makes it special. they also have a small selection of beer for you to pair with your food. if i lived around there, i would definitely go back to eat some more.

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