Thursday, April 23, 2009

the glory that is gloria

Gloria's Cafe
10227 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 838-0963

price: $$
verdict: omg, i love it!

it's a good thing that i don't live close to gloria's cafe anymore because i'm pretty sure i'd be over there weekly. i have a real soft spot for beans, cheese, and rice and BOY do you find all of that and then some over at gloria's!! the food is really tasty here and the prices are reasonable. i typically order the combo meal (because of the beans, cheese, and rice...hello? is there an echo in here?) and usually get my enchiladas or chili rellenos because these are some of my old favorites. i can't wait to try some of their other dishes though because everything looks pretty spectacular. more reasons to drive to that side of town!

one of the best things about gloria's is their sangria. holy crap this sangria deserves it's own paragraph. it's smooth and sweet...but packs a punch because the alcohol hits you slowly. you typically want to order more than one cup, but i suggest you pace yourself because the alcohol slowly creeps up on you and you're going to find yourself to be a sleepy drunk. if you have more than one lush at your table, i suggest you get the carafe. it is a better bang for your buck.

i love the fact that there's good food, good service, reasonable prices, consistency, and you get seated immediately. if you've never been here before, i suggest you try. little gems like gloria's are hard to find. you will definitely get your grub on!

one of the tastiest burritos ever.

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