Friday, April 24, 2009

my garlic noodles addiction

9646 Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 205-8990

price: $$$$
verdict: omg, i love it!

i've been here several times and i NEVER leave disappointed. the ambience is great, has the asian decor going on and the see through floor in the bar area so you can look at all the beautiful kois swimming by. the bar is a nice place to sit and get a drink or two if you have to wait for a table.

during my past few visits, we would order appetizers, salad, and what not, but once i realized that all i really needed from crustacean was their cracked roasted crab (which they use to call their garlic crab) and their super delicious, absolutely addicting garlic noodles, i realized to eat anything before these two dishes would just be filler. pair all that with a glass of reisling....boy, my stomach gets happy and my taste buds do the happy dance. yum!

i have yet to find a place that serves a replica of the garlic noodles that's found here. come on, i know it's "an's secret" and whatevers, but one thing asian people know how to do best is to duplicate where's the garlic noodle duplications?! great place to eat anything oily, buttery, and garlic infused. seriously, go, go, go!
valentine's dessert. mmmm....coconut ice cream with banana wontons.

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