Saturday, April 11, 2009

mishi for me

Mishima Restaurant
8474 W 3rd St Ste 108
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 782-0181

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!

mishima was my college hangout for many years. the prices are fair and the best deals are their combo options. you get a massive heaping of food that you can eat there and/or take home. i always ordered their tempura with rice and udon. that was more than enough grub for many sittings...a survival tactic for poor starving students everywhere.

though i'm out of college now and have enough money in my pockets to eat at places based on taste AND NOT portion size, i still enjoy coming back here every once in a while when i find myself shopping at the beverly center. good nostalgia value, tasty eats, and also, to buy their bottle of "nori komi furikake." it's the seaweed and sesame seed concoction that they have available on their tables for your rice. SO GOOD!

they also have these really delicious condiments...the petite green bean and seaweed sides that you get with your meal. service is awesome and there's usually no wait for dinner or when you eat there during the weekends. parking sucks though....good luck with that.

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