Thursday, August 27, 2009

no more pining for pioneer chix

Pioneer Chicken
4376 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029
323) 663-2441

price: $
verdict: not worth my time

once in a while, i recall a food memory that connects very closely to my heart and pioneer chicken belongs in one of those greasy heart string categories. when i see this sign (graffiti and all), i think of my pops and how he would take my sis and i for a pioneer chix run when we were but wee lasses. we usually ended up getting a piece of thigh and/or corn on the cobb. was so delicious back delicious.

funny looking fat man riding in a conestoga.

15 years later from my last bite as a pubescent teen, my heartstring throbbed for some pioneer chicken. as i drove down sunset, i decided to drop in and pick some up for me and my pops, reversing the pioneer chicken story for once. lookie daddy i have a job! i can buy you chicken! $2.99 for a two piece chicken combo and a buttermilk biscuit. yeah i spoils him a lot.

i was greeted by two lone corn on the cobbs. it begged to be bought and i did. me = sucka.

in mounting anticipation, i picked up a box of fried chix. but MAN was i disappointed when those greasy wangs touched my lips! i recalled such good flavors!!!! but the greasiness was unforgiveable and the flavor of the supposedly awesome skin was just plain bland. where the hell did my journey down memory lane turn so craptastic?! instead of eating a piece of crispy chicken delight, i tasted a piece of chicken encased in an oily sponge. KFC is so much better. THERE, i said it. my memory of pioneer was officially shattered :(

i also picked up some fried livers and gizzards thinking that it might mean a party in my mouth. no. wrong. abort mission. greasy fried fuckers they were!

a buttermilk biscuit that lacked the softness and buttery-ness that i had fondly recalled. :(

a lackluster corn on the cobb. perhaps waiting way too long under those wire coils did them in. ill.

maybe everything tasted sooooo good because my pops had bought it for us and especially cuz he held our hands when he bought it. maybe next time, i need to bring my pops and ask him to hold my hand again. perhaps.


  1. so it's NOT as good as we all remembered it. DANGIT. that's why i haven't gone back in a decade. and I just found out Shakey's mojo potates are also NOT as good as I always think it is. stupid stupid stupid food memories.

  2. Dude, I used to drive by this place every day when I lived in Echo.. I always wondered about it. No? Well at least I won't have fantastic childhood memories to live up to.

    I almost want a Happy Meal tomorrow, but I'm sure it will disappoint my memories greatly.

  3. tony- avoid it. you will be sad when you put that shit in your mouth.

    alex- the one in echo park closed down already. i had to go to the one in silverlake. ahhh, happy meals. i went recently to get a beanie baby toy! :)

  4. i hate when I go somewhere that i loved as a kid. It never tastes as good as I remember!

  5. Yeah, my dad used to buy me and my bro H. Salt Fish n Chips so I get nostalgic whenever I see one but I know it was the love that made those greasy fish and chips with tartar sauce so good. It just couldn't be as good now, could it? ; )

  6. amanda- memories are memories for a reason i guess. should have heeded my own advice.

    yjs- you are a wise woman. that wisdom saved you from gaining a dimple on your skinny ass.

  7. Actually, Pioneer Chicken used to be good many years ago, our memories aren't as off as we imagine. Unfortunately, since most stores were facing closure, the employees could care less about the food and prepared it in the crappiest way possible. I'm sorry that your bubble was burst.

  8. hey anon, six months later i read your message :) thanks for the's the memories that counts right? not the fat i'm injecting into my body by eating greasy wangs :)

  9. The Echo Park location Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks(ed)
    Do yourself a HUGE favor, and drive to the one on Florence and Garfield in Bell Gardens. It's still the REAL DEAL. You won't be disappointed.

  10. hi anon, i appreciate your passion for pioneer chix. i agree, product may vary due to location...i will have to bring my pops to bell gardens.

  11. We used to have lots of Pioneer Chicken joints here in Hawaii many, many moons ago. Still my favorite fried chicken ever. They had a dipping sauce called "Hawaiian Sauce" -- did they have that in the mainland? Made their incredible chicken strips even more incredibler.


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