Sunday, January 3, 2010

frysmith truck: bringing in the new year with delicious grease bombs

it didn’t take but two days for this belly to break her new year’s resos. seriously, my “eating healthy” resolution was shattered by a plea from my sister to try out the frysmith truck. yes, another twitter truck…but this one is dedicated to fries!! omg, whut?! i loveeeeeeee fries. darn! after some hemming and hawing on my part, we booked ass to intelligentsia near sunset junction where they were located for a few hours. no line either.

the game plan was to order 3 different kinds of toppings and stuff face. that was a good game plan because they only have about five regular fries choices plus one special so we pigged out on half of their menu...oink! we settled on rajas fries ($6) which had a topping of shawarma-marinated steak (it had a nice tartness to it), caramelized onions which added some sweetness, poblano chiles, and jack cheese. YUMMY! surprisingly, the fries were still super crispy even though we had to transport it back to my wee house to grub. in fact, they might be slightly TOO crispy for some of you folks, but for me, it was divine. it was like a long chip...a lincoln log chip.

we also ordered the sweet po fries ($6.50) which were sweet potato fries topped with chicken in tomatillo-tamarind sauce with chopped cashews. now THAT was crave worthy. the sweet potato fries got soggy the quickest out of the three, but the flavors were excellent and on the sweeter side of the palate. i also enjoyed the texture of the chopped cashews against the melty cheese. would totally order these again.
here it is, looking like a block of cheese.

here it is, with all its layers.

the last order of fries were the kimchi fries ($6.50). the fries were topped with kimchi and shredded kurobuta pork. the pork were a bit on the scarce side, and the kimchi wasn’t at all spicy, but the fries were delicious nevertheless. i would totally order these again! loveeeeee me some kimchi!

trio of fries ready for some hard eating and new year's reso breaking!

we washed everything down with some tea which i was told would ease the heart clogging effects of fatty foods like fries. tasty tea, but it didn't ease the guilt of starting the new year with grease bombs ask me, would i seek frysmith out again? OH HELL YEAH! the fries were really delicious!

price: $
verdict: omg, i love it!


  1. OH EM GEE.
    Way to start out the new years, bags. I actually feel a little sick inside reading this post. Haha, but I love fries, so I might have to track it down when I'm back in Cali.

    btw, I did get her number but she has boyfriend and lives in san jose. i'll be on the lookout for when the window opens.

  2. Kimchi fries?! Egads! Maybe this year I will actually try a food truck. :P Happy New Year!

  3. believe you me afro, i'm rather disgusted at myself (and my sis) as well for eating all them fries. AND, don't go for the unavailable chicks...but you know that!

    happy new year to you marie!!! kimchi on most things taste yummy. thank you koreans!

  4. Grease bombs?! I like that term ... totally made me laugh ... Happy new year!

  5. At least your resolution lasted for two days ;-) Better than zero, right?

    FrySmith looks bomb! Will look out for it at Artwalk.

  6. nina- bombs and firecrackers, what a great way to bring in the new year...and also fat, let's not forget an extra layer of fat.

    gastronomer- i need to cultivate some will power. :(

  7. The chickie would love this place.. And I have to try the poutine one of these days. Beyond that, this rolling kitchen is pretty friggin useless.


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