Monday, January 18, 2010

antonello makes a good fruit tart

three day weekends aren't bone fide three day weekends unless you include shopping somewhere in the mix. and if you're a south coast plaza lova like me, then you drive yourself in the rain all the way to the o.c. where it's nice and dry inside with a lot of pretty things to gawk at. besides, shopping is a great way to know, EXCERCISE. yep, i am keeping true to my new year's resos after all by "being active" at a bomb diggity mall. yep!

after all the fast paced walking to keep my heart rate up and lifting of heavy bags to increase my muscle mass and tone my arms, i found myself at antonello expresso cafe. it's a great stop as you head toward bloomingdale's if you want a nice coffee break and sugar rush.

i picked up their fruit tart which is LOVELY. the custard wasn't overly sweet and there's a suprise coating of chocolate on the tart shell which added a slight hint of chocolate madness to an otherwise fruity dessert. fresh fruit shlacked in a sweet gel is healthy right?! and i loved how ginormous the strawberry looked, poking out like a sore thumb. DELICIOUS! i would most definitely get this again.

my shopping buddy got the tirimisu which was mostly cream heaped upon a few lady fingers. if you lovee the cream, then great, but if you feel that eating something comprised of 80% cream might be disgusting, then don't get this. i wouldn't.

with our spirits revitalized and refined sugar coursing through our veins, we headed towards bloomingdales and prompty did some damage there. what a great way to excercise our body and our wallets when it's raining outside.

Antonello Expresso Cafe
South Coast Plaza
3333 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!


  1. I went to Antonello for prom. Jr Prom, no less. That's how long they've been around. O the memories.

  2. Whenever I need a pick me up during some South Coast Plaza "exersizing" I hit up Vie de France for their AMAZING chocolate chip cookies. If you ask, they'll give you one warm! Soo good! :)

  3. Thanks for the fruit tart tip! My mom and I might head to SCP soon for mother-of-the-bride dress shopping. Now, I'll know where to refuel ;-)

  4. tony, that's like a long, long time ago....

    diana, thanks for the tip. i'll have to try vie de france cuz i LOVE warm chocolate chip cookies! mmmmmm....

    cathy, how exciting!! scp has nordstrom, bloomies, saks, and macy's....all in one trip. you guys will have loads of fun :)

  5. You are such a fitness fanatic. Stop it! Hehee you kill me you shopaholic.

  6. I ate here while being dragged to the mall once! I remember the fruit tart

  7. sook- my wallet has gotten quite a workout...but my belly remains round.

    afro- dragged...oh come on. i'm sure you picked up a shirt or two. it is one fabulous mall!

    hi friend, i could read about 50% of the chinese characters but have no idea what it all means. is this a poem? or did you just try to sell a shirt on my blog? :0


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