Sunday, January 31, 2010

this time, i prefer to gulp, not sip

when i have wine in my face, especially after a long, stressful work week, i prefer to gulp, NOT sip it. however, i still try to maintain a semblance of refinement by holding my wine glass by the stem and perhaps sticking my left pinky out. but food friends mind you, if you looked at my adam's apple, you would notice it rocks up and down in a frenzied pace as i chug it down QUIETLY. yes, sometimes i prefer to gulp and not sip my wine.

this past friday, my two dear friends and i went to city sip in echo park to decompress, chat, and to reward ourselves for a long work week. although the venue is cozy and cute, once crowded (which it was on a friday night), it meant cramped quarters and little to no elbow room. not exactly the best place to physically decompress and to add upon this discomfort was the lack of attentive service. i think this is where the little buzzers you see at your table in korean restaurants would be helpful. ghetto you say? yes. but being forgotten is worse don't you think?

since i arrived after happy hour, i decided to get their regularly priced flight (three tastings) and cheese combo ($23). you can order a flight ($15) if you prefer to drink on an empty stomach but i did not so i ordered the bubbly flight which comprised of all kinds of sparkly wines from cali with cheese. very tasty, BUT unfortunately, they are a bit stingy with their pours. although i did not expect a full glass because it is a wine TASTING after all, small pours in thin flutey glasses is no bueno. the whole combo came out to be $30 with tax and tip included and the value and taste just does not compare to silverlake wine and i wished we were there instead.

less is not more.

cheeses and sweetened dried fruit. i liked the kiwi.

don't get me wrong, i think the ambience is great, but my desire to seek BOTH value and quality sometimes surpasses my need for chic spaces with dark corners. i felt unfulfilled after my wine flight but my companions were awesome as always and i'm glad to have checked out this wine bar that i drive by so often. now i know there's not much reason to stop in again. if you want a satisfying, yummy wine tasting, then i suggest you head over to silverlake wine where the pours are generous and the wines are absolutely fabulous.

City Sip
2150 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 483-9463

price: $$
verdict: it's aight
City Sip on Urbanspoon
City Sip in Los Angeles


  1. city sip sucks so hard i think i reviewed it on yelp

  2. monosodium glutamate- we still need to make up happy hour. no sipping please!

    afro- do it!

  3. note to self: avoid city sip. copy!

  4. Dear Ms. Belly -

    I liked your post so much I called Silverlake Wine (I heart them too) and told them about it. Hopefully they found your site!

  5. yjs- you hardly come out to these neck of the woods!

    oddlyme- thanks! i really like them too! great service and wines there and i LOVE their tastings.


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