Saturday, January 23, 2010

newport seafood has rockin' lobster!

rare are the instances when you walk into a chinese restaurant in the sgv that you actually take note of the decor. that's exactly what happened to me. i was a bit suprised that it looked so modern! what happened to the overdone wood paneling, banquet style dining tables with the spinning lazy susans, and the uncomfortable wooden chairs with barely there flat cushions? my, it's a chinese restaurant that actually looked "nice."

light and lots of it. plenty of open spaces for chillaxin eating.

pink lamp shades overhanging your table while you grub. fantastic.

it was clear to me as we walked to our table that when you come to newport seafood, you HAVE to order their house special lobster. if seeing this dish at EVERY TABLE wasn't enough of a clue, then i'll have to whack you on the forehead with this sign "ORDER THEIR LOBSTER." yummmm....the lobster was cracked, lightly breaded, then stir fried with chopped chilis, green onions, and garlic. it was a delicious dish and i suggest that you don't waste what is leftover from the lobster dish and spoon the excess green onions and chilis on your rice.

we also ordered their garlic stir fried "dou mui" which i think means green pea sprouts/leaves in english. the flavors were garlicky and the leaves were firm and not limp which happens when it gets overcooked or when it watches bad porn.

we also ordered their clams in spicy basil sauce. plump clams with a great aromatic sauce that did not overpower their natural clam taste, if you know what i mean. juicy.

we also ordered a seafood rice noodle dish. this dish tasted pretty bland to me and the pieces of calamari and shrimp were chewy. i also did not appreciated the shlack of sauce on top and it was clearly the weaker dish of the four. i would not order this again.

after the grubbing and merry making, the bill came out to about $136 (tax and tip not included) for a party of 5. it's obvious that the lobster was the pricier dish of the four but in my opinion, it would be a shame for you to come here and not order it. if you are on a budget, i suggest getting the lobster and the pea sprouts/leaves and you will be fine. i think many of their other dishes can be gotten at other places for similiar/better tastes but with better price points. anyways, the decor, food, and good service drew in a diverse crowd of patrons and i think there's a reason why it's is rather good, that's why.

Newport Tan Cang Seafood Restaurant
518 W Las Tunas Dr
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 289-5998

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!
Tan Cang Newport Seafood on Urbanspoon
Newport Seafood Tang Cang in Los Angeles


  1. Bags, Would you think less of me if I told you that I can't be bothered with de-shelling lobster? It's such a chore ;-)

  2. If the lobster's a-rocking, then you better come knocking.

    I agree. I'm very lazy about de-shelling seafood too. Makes me kinda not want to eat it.

  3. yum. this looks good. I've only had chinese style lobster once but I recall I liked it. Also, I never knew spinach watched porn. Good to know. hehe.

  4. Newport Seafood keeps popping up on my radar, but I can't afford to get lobster right now! I will mentally bookmark and hope for sunnier money days when I can grub down... I do not mind de-shelling if I'm in game face mode.

  5. gas- your man can crack them lobster shells for you. love makes men de-shell seafood for their women.

    afro- haha, the only kind of de-shelling deterent is shrimp for me. lobster and crab, i'm all over it. these are cracked though. you literally have to just pick out the meat.

    yjs- haha, you know i make no sense.

    marie- newport will be there FOREVER. there are plenty of opps to catch them later on.


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