Sunday, January 10, 2010

say cheese....cheese!

based on the sheer number of doggy doo doo that you see littered around silverlake, it is clear that silverlakers enjoy the company of their four legged friends (HOWEVER, does not enjoy picking up doo doo. *insert rant* please don't have your dog doo on my newly planted japanese maple tree and just leave it there. your dog's ass hole is the size of a baseball and baseball sized doo doo comes out of it. i don't want to pick it up for you no mo!).

after a long walk with charlie around the hood and the reservoir, i ended up at the coffee table. but to my shock and amazement, i found out dogs were not allowed in their patio area. that made me very hungry and extremely sad because the smells that emitted from their kitchen were amazing. for a second, i contemplated ditching charlie to grab some of their grub. but god slapped me across my face and i knew that was a vile, vile thought so we kept walking until we came across the say cheese cafe which allowed my four legged companion to sit with me whilst i fed me belly.

"mommy, don't ever think about ditching me for a sammich cuz i'll chew through your favorite shoes like last time! better recognize!"

sitting outside while watching the horrific weekend traffic jam that unfolds at the trader joe's/gelsons junction is rather painful. why o' why do people insist on making left turns into a packed up, trader joe's sardine tin parking lot and then subsequently jam up everybody else's drive? then honking, honking, honking as i sipped my ice tea. the best was when a car drove by with some old school hip hop bumping out of their stereo system. charlie couldn't take it and scrambled around my chair in confusion. ahhh, to live and dine in l.a. a la tupac.

the menu at the say cheese cafe consists mainly of sammiches and salads with a few breakfast items during restricted brunching hours. i decided on the rivoli because hot pressed sammiches are generally pretty yummy. boy was i right! this sammich consisted of grilled chicken, roasted eggplant, sun dried tomato tapenade, and parmesean on ciabatinna, but when i had ordered it, they ran out of the ciabatinna so i had wheat bread instead. methinks just as good. their sammiches came with a side of salad with a light balsamic vinaigrette.

look at the chunks of chicken and roasted eggplant! yummmy!

my friend had the red cow sammich which consisted of roast beef, capers, tomato, and aoli on wheat bread as well. this sammich is normally served on a baguette, but they were out. i don't know if that would have made any difference because the flavors were just plain bland. i wouldn't ever order this, and i don't suggest you do either.

pretty to look at, but meh in da mouth.

they also have a great cheese store that sells all kinds of cheeses, olives, wines, time, i'm coming back for the rivoli sammich AND i'm taking home a slice or two of artisan cheese. i'm also glad it's a dog friendly cafe cuz it just don't make no sense to have a cafe in silverlake and not invite the dogs. it really doesn't.

Say Cheese Cafe
2800 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 665-0545

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!
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Say Cheese Cafe in Los Angeles


  1. I love sammiches, but even I wouldn't trade one for Charlie's chick-magnet face.

  2. I love the Coffee Table. It's all about the Silver Lake Salad dressing on the side and a big ass cookie for dessert. I used to tie Cooper to a parking meter. I'm one of THOSE dog owners. Yeah. blushies!

  3. I love sammiches! Witty post! Cute dog!

  4. afro- charlie smells like ass though. it's more like " cute..*sniff* holy shit what smells like ass?!"

    sook- i need to go back to the coffee table then, but without charlie. a friend tied her dog outside a supermarket while she ran in to buy something quick and came back to find that he was missing. a mofo took it :(

    southbay- thanks! certain sammiches are growing on me...charlie is pretty cute :)


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