Monday, July 27, 2009

a fried up birthday

Salt Creek Grille
760 S Sepulveda Blvd
El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) 335-9288

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!

i typically don't make much of a fuss over my birthday. actually, i find it rather acceptable to commerate the day i bursted out of my momma's womb by curling myself up on my bed, sucking on my ensure milkshake, while eating my fiber bar (to keep me regular in my advancing age that is). birthdays are not so fun...really.

this year, my friend ripped the plastic bottle of ensure from my liver spotted hands and asked me where i wanted to celebrate my special day. many people may feel tempted to rape a wallet or two when they hear that they are getting treated, but NOT me. no. i asked my belly what it needed and it hollered back, "I WANT FRIES FOR MY BIRTHDAY! YAY!" to top that off, i had WILLINGLY given up 2 months of deep fried foods in the spirit of making healthy eating choices and decided to fall off the wagon with some crackalicious garlic fries at salt creek grille. quickly, i was whisked away when i verbalized my wish.

we started off with a basket of the cracky fries. beautiful, thin, shoestring fries, sprinkled with garlic and parmesean cheese slivers. i loved the crunchiness of these fries and i inhaled these tubers as if lucifer had sole control over my mouth and my belly. they were indeed sooooooo very gooooooood and i quickly ate every morsel.

i then ordered their kobe beef burger with humboldt cheese on a hawaiian sweet roll. the kobe patty was thick, moist, and juicy. every bite i took was savory and sweet all rolled into one. the spice from the arugala also gave the burger a nice kick but the sucker was huge and my belly was full of fries. alas, i did not finish my burger.

the dinner ended with a trio of desserts: fruit cobbler, creme brulee, and a chocolate flourless cake. tasty, but not noteworthy. it was a sweet end to a most greasy birthday dinner. *burp* happy birthday to me...yes, to dusty ole me.


  1. Happy SMURFday!! Bday dinner looks awesome. I love burgers and fries. Can't believe you've given up fries! Bad idea friend. Drinks are on me if we ever get our asses to SLW!


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