Thursday, July 9, 2009

willy wonking it

Robitaille's Fine Candies
900 Linden Ave
Carpinteria, CA 93013
(805) 684-9340

price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!

god cursed me with a big ass but luckily did not dole out a double whammy by making me diabetic as well. sweet baby jesus that would suck so much given how often my sweet tooth aches. seriously, i seek out sweets like a cougar seeks out her young, succulent baby skinned prey. every day, all the time baby.

while up in carpenteria (you know, the carpet making capital of the world), i found robitaille's fine candies. it is a sleepy town for sure and a jolt of sweetness was just what the doctor ordered! it is a cute space with tons of candy ranging from chocolatey to fruity to gummy to yummy. they also have a huge selection of sugar free candy but i didn't touch that shit. nothing but processed sugar for this sweet temple that is my body.

baskets of cavities. can ya feel me?!

i bought myself a few bags of goodies, enough to satiate the sugar beast that resided in my pork belly. besides, i have the bad habit of eating with my eyes and tend to overorder or overbuy when it comes to food because i really want to taste everything but am wise enough not to always stuff face if i can help it. i seriously need to befriend a fellow sugar junkie so i can split my poisons.

the "inaugural mints" you see in the back are pretty tasty. they remind me of the green /brown andes mints that you can get at a grocery store. they are not as minty, but still creamy and delicious. i saw this woman grab 10 boxes while i was there so i was persuaded on the spot. i would totally get a box again though i would go for the smaller size since they taste old pretty quick.

my favorite was the assortment of salt water taffy. i particularly liked the banana inspired ones and my inner monkey was impressed by the banana fragrance that greeted my tongue. the chocolate mint balls reminded me of rx at ucla so i had to grab a bag as well. nothing tops sweet candy memories! the worse of the bunch were these, stale old shoes masquerading as butter cashew brittle. how pissed was i when i bit into the brittle and found out it was a fucked up confectioner's nightmare.

i don't plan to find myself in carpenteria often, but when i do, i will probably drop by robitaille for some sweet, sweet loving. it is especially sweet because of the old lady that runs it.


  1. So I am a bit intoxicated right now and all I can think of is how many of those mint ball thingies could one fit in their mouth at once...

  2. yeah. just say no. to sugar-free anything. is rx that loose candy store at ackerman union? i'm a sugarholic too. you can mail me my 1/2 of the mints, etc. even the peanut brittle anytime you like.

  3. acfromdc- depends on your gag reflex alex....

    yutjangsah- yes...ackerman union. are you a bruin or do you just know random names of buildings? what is your sugar poison?


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