Wednesday, July 22, 2009

lactating at milk

7290 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 939-6455

price: $
verdict: omg, i love it!

i must not be lactating enough because i found myself gorging on milk quite recently to maintain my jugs for future feeders. to me, milk means calcium, which means strong bones, which means healthy living and there is no better place that screams HEALTHY LIVING than milk.

my uber healthy meal started with a shared prosciutto and provolone pressed sandwich. i read somewhere (in a medical journal perhaps) that large amounts of salt is good for the body and i sure found that in this sammich! every bite of this prosciutto sammich was a salt lick. i only took a few bites before i gave up on it. their herb roasted chicken breast sammich that i had at another sitting is the tastier choice by far.

i then delved into the sugary side of this healthy lifestyle with a banana split chaser to my salt lick sammich. wowzers. this is perhaps one of the best renditions of an old school banana split i've had in a while. the ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, and banana) were full bodied and creamy, the fudge was warm and gooey, the freshly whipped cream was piled high on the dish which left soft kisses on your lips when you spooned the ice cream into your pie hole. the split was nutty and banana-y with the traditional cherry on top to remind you of its healthy aspects. this split was truly lip smacking.

it was also mandatory that we order a slice of their infamous blueberry blue velvet cake. just as i remembered, the ratio of moist cake to cream cheese frosting was perfect. the baked in blueberries gave a nice tartness to the surrounding sweetness. but true to form, when i went home that night, i pooped out some smurfs. i must admit, i was a bit disgusted by this second go at the porcelain throne and may not indulge myself in anymore future smurf cake. god knows it's not natural to have blue poop.

the heavy, yet healthy dinner was wrapped up with three ice cream bon bons at .50 cents a piece. i thought they were "ok" and was not impressed by them at all. i think as a self proclaimed ice cream whore, it is vital that i get more than just a bite. the only thing these bon bons did was make me desirous of their ice cream sammies....another excuse for me to go back i guess.

a sinfully decadent banana cream tart was brought home for enjoyment as well. the creamy banana center had fresh chunks of bananas. it was topped with freshly whipped cream and every bit of the gooeyness was held in with thick slabs of chocolate highly reminiscent of chocolate truffles. i COULD NOT eat more than a few bites of this as well at one sitting and the tart remained in my fridge for a few days, slowly enjoyed and cherished.

it is clear that if i want to live long, i have to patronize milk on a regular basis.


  1. that ice cream sundae brings tears to my eyes. i have to have it. you have a really fast digestive tract btw, can't believe the smurfs ran down your chimney that fast!

  2. the smurfs were slippery suckers!

  3. Again??

    Hm. I really need to try this place out, but I think I'll avoid the blueberry velvet. The idea of little blue smurfs coming out my backside scares me.

  4. couldn't help it alex. milk makes me weep with joy in my fat pants.

  5. You still wear fat pants in the summer? good gosh, you must be drenched in sweat.

  6. i wear fat pants but no top...yes, i'm THAT sexy.


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