Sunday, July 19, 2009

was it grand at granville?

Granville Cafe
807 Americana Way
Glendale, CA 91210
(818) 550-0472

price: $$
verdict: it's aight

it is a goddamn waste of food to eat when you are sick. instead of feeding my germ ridden pie hole that can't differentiate between tar and peanut butter, i could have taken this food to feed an orphan. i heard oliver is still a tad hungry but alas it was wasted on my sickly bum instead.

anyways, a preplanned meeting with some of my golden girls meant a quick visit to granville cafe at the americana for dinner. there were no particular reasons why it was chosen other than the basic requirements of ample parking, shopping options for the early comers, and a diverse menu for us gaggle of geese to choose from. it's like a cpk but not really, a grand lux cafe kind of, a macaroni grille sort get my point. it's like all the prefabbed eateries out there that screams out "chain restaurant" and tries to pass itself off as "classier eats" for the young ones to impress their dates. i think not. i am not young nor am i impressionable.

we started off with one of their "shareables," the mac and cheese. not exactly sure of the flavors because of my deadened tastebuds, i can however, comment on the texture. the mac was soft and cheesy but the croutons interspersed throughout the dish gave it a good crunch. i can also comment on it these macs look like engorged maggots to you? i thought they did but i spooned them in my pie hole like a good little asian girl. besides, i didn't eat at all that day and it logically made sense to put some grub in my bod.

if my tastbuds were in top form, i would have ordered their burger. i heard that it is a kickass piece ole meat and the flavors secreted from this burger bite would make love to your tongue. since i was too deadened to pursue any love making, i decided to go for their chicken bleu cheese pizza. it is topped with grilled chicken, bleu cheese, ham, red onions, pine nuts, and a basil leaf to keep it sophisticated. again, i am not the best judge of what i ate, but i recall intensely sweet and intensely salty pockets of flavors from the pizza. i recall i didn't like it so much. i also recall that granville sucks. i recall i need to tell my friends who avoid places without ample parking that a big parking lot does not equate to good flavors. i believe denny's has a big ole parking lot.


  1. i love it. even at death's door, you're eating and blogging. that mac and cheese does look like maggots. i've rarely met a mac and cheese i do not like however.

  2. the kitchen on fountain has a good mac & cheese. creamy and crusty. i have to blog consistently to keep my 3 readers entertained dude. it is a hard blog life out there....

  3. I've been deathly ill too since coming back from NY. Food might as well just be rubber and glass. Maybe I'll write a Yelp review or blog something to make myself feel better and remember what good food tastes like.

    Oh and I have been to the kitchen. They do have pretty good mac and cheese.

  4. i like how the basil leaf looks like it accidentally fell on the pizza.

    hey but can anyone do pizza wrong?
    hell, i even loved the right-triangular, gummy-cheesy slices we used to get a la lausd!

    keep up the infected (don't i mean infectious? yes that too) blogging amy! who knows, maybe we may get a post of you at a restaurant so bad that your stomach actually returns-to-sender! :]

  5. acfromdc- yeah, you've been pretty quiet on yelp. hope you're feeling better!

    sinh- pizza CAN go wrong. i will save you a slice of the "wronged" pizza if i come across any.


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