Thursday, July 2, 2009

i'm turning korean i really think so

Jun Won
3100 W 8th St#101
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 383-8855

price: $$
verdict: it's aight

a second tryst with korean food in a week. holy goguchang! in a rare meeting with fellow food bloggers and food supporters, i found myself at jun won yesterday hammering down a lot of korean seafood dishes while in the company of steve of infinite fress aka "silverlake hater" and sook of yutangsah aka "shit cracker." tony from sinosoul was there as well as other food lovas but since they sat at the other table, you know how that high school that means we are from opposite gangs and if you look at me, i might have to cut you bitch.

the meal started off with an awesome banchan. clearly deprived of a glory, glory hallelujah banchan experience, i was floored that there were so many, so tasty, so different. my favorite was the candy masking itself as marinated cuttlefish. i could have eaten that till the cows came home. moo bessie mooooooooo......

sook was kind enough to order the following dishes for us with recommendations from the owner. ahh, pork and kimchee. deliciously red and porky. think of it like a miss piggy in chris de burgh's song "lady in red."

cod fish. soft flesh sitting on top of radishes piled with mounds of green onions. it was tasty though saucy. this is probably my favorite dish out of the bunch.

seafood pancake. ack! mushy. mushy makes me think of flacid penises and yesterday, there was a whole platter of it. and the sad attempt at a "crispy" crust did not provide enough contrast to save all the flacid penises in the world. no bueno.

and here's the minnow dish? minnow? or min oh? not sure because i don't recall minnow being that big unless they were on steroids and played major league baseball. these pan fried minnows were good though not great. a bit too dry for my tastes and not enough flesh to entice my chopsticks back to it. besides, the other table "borrowed" it and eventually it was forgotten by us.

looking at this spread once again, it does look rather tasty, though i probably wouldn't come back again. i love hole in the wall eateries but this one did not speak to me much. all it said was "meh, i need to perfect some of these dishes." good times though and thanks foodies for another belly aching experience.


  1. i love how in my hand is curled like a rodent's in the last pic. you can sense the greed from a mile away. i agree we were at the cool table. hehe. sorry you didn't enjoy the food so much. nak won, girl, nak won.

  2. You write like you talk, which is a compliment by the way.

    Lots of fun meeting you and your lesser half. We need to do it again soon. That pancake sucked.

  3. yutjangsah- i understand the greed sook. you were at a table with self proclaimed foodies...maybe you felt you had to fight for your food lest you be left with bits. i didn't even get to say "bye" to you!

    steve- i KNEW i would worm myself through your iron exterior. good meeting you too. let me know when the next get together is and watch out for my car when you bike down silverlake blvd! beep, beep!

  4. haha! just read that. NICE going there Steve! poor Dennis... first time with us and now this...

  5. tony- steve can't respond cuz dennis just ran him over in silverlake. it was an "accident."


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