Monday, July 6, 2009

a potato of a burrito

Corner Cottage
310 S Victory Blvd
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 843-2567

price: $
verdict: it's aight

here's an obscene collection of breakfast burrito lovers waiting in line at the corner cottage. this small establishment is owned and operated by two asian brothers and apparently, they make a mean breakfast burrito. who would have thunk that soy sauce could turn into burrito gold? this little cottage is well known in burbank so this is the typical scene on a saturday. do get in line or else you will get cut off at 11am, NO EXCEPTIONS. you can try to flash some boobies, but that will still get you nowhere fast.

so i ordered my steak b.b. to go and drove myself and charlie, aka doo doo head, to lake hollywood so he could romp with other dawgs while i enjoyed my meal. how fancy we be!

looking cute there doo doo head!

as charlie sniffed ass and poo, i was admiring this burrito log, tightly wrapped with high expectations because it took TWO saturdays finally to get a taste of it (the previous saturday failed because we got there 15 minutes after 11. boo hoo).

after a few bites, i pictured mr. potato head, kidnapped then wrapped up in a tortilla shell. That’s what a corner cottage breakfast burrito is, even though they claim that there are other fillings inside like steak, bacon, egg, or cheese. whatevers liars. the "other" ingredients were completely eclipsed by the massive amounts of tuber stuffed inside this tortilla shell. the carb whore part of me thought it was grand, but my tastebuds wondered "does this a great breakfast burrito make?"

alas no. a breakfast burrito should have a perfect harmony of eggs, hash browns, cheese, and protein...mashed up and bound in a soft tortilla shell. there was no symphony in my mouth as i consumed this carb heavy burrito that day. it was but another sad song for my unsatisfied belly.


  1. this comment box has eaten yet another great and witty comment! damn it to hells. anyhows, charlie is too cute. and that burrito is insane crazy big. i gotta try it.

  2. i see my comment box is hungry as well! charlie is pretty cute...he makes me happy :)...except when he is crazed.

    split the burrito so you can split the carbs! jenny craig would frown upon this b.b.

  3. flashing boob for burritos will not do, young lady
    the sophisticated mademoiselle shows leg,
    and some derreire if she wants salsa

    ps i love bbs! mo potato mo the grado!

  4. mo potato = enlarged buttocks sinh!

  5. I wanna beagle! Actually, no I don't. Doggy play date yo! Bring it! Our giant really likes lil dogs!

  6. Dude, Charlie must be a big chick magnet.

  7. tony- haha, your big old dog will have my charlie as an appetizer. where do you romp your dog at?

    acfromdc- not CHICK magnet, DICK magnet. keep it straight, i am not lebanese.


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