Wednesday, September 2, 2009

another yummy 30th

El Caserio (in Silverlake)
401 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 273-8945

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!

recently, my friend turned 30. he had a hard time with turning 3 decades old and still alive i guess so when i organized his birthday as i usually am apt to do amongst our group of friends, i decided to hold it at el caserio. it's a cute place with a schizophrenic identity, like it's not quite sure if it wants to serve latin foods or italian so it does both. it's also close to the 101 freeway just in case he wanted to run into traffic to end it all. yeah, i know, i'm a good friend.

from tuesday through friday, they have happy hour which means 1/2 off on cocktails and beer. i immediately ordered myself a mojito. blah! not tasty at all! sir mix-a-lot at the bar did a crappy job with it. the whole drink was bitter and lacked the mint fragrance that normally infuses a good mojito. but i downed that shit anyways figuring that i might possibly get a light buzz? i did not. boo!

crusty bread with soft insides served at the beginning of the meal. i am the quintessential bread whore and really dug this bread A LOT. i believe my friends had to pry the communal loaf from my kung-fu grip in order to get themselves a slice. greedy bastards!! but yummy...mmm....

a nice limey shrimp ceviche to share. i thought the endive leaves were a nice touch.

shrimp saltado. my intention was to get a salad, but the salad turned into a big peruvian plate of crusty thin fries cooked in a tomato sauce with shrimp. how the heck did that happen?! it was rather tasty and fulfilled my french fry craving for the month. i would order this again...that is if i wanted to clog my arteries and die sooner rather than later.

the dinner was a nice one and i believe it was a great way to convince the birthday boy that turning 30 isn't so bad after all. besides, the 30's are the new 20's and life only gets more interesting anyways.


  1. I love saltado de mariscos. And that is a BIG mojito girl! I love it! You are a good friend. I still owe you a drink!

  2. yjs- the brig has a good mojito. you owe me nuthing woman!! no more reminders that i'm getting old!

    afro- salads may be boring, but they ease the poop out :)

  3. I always wondered what this place was like -- it's so close to us, but I've never been. I like french fries in anything. Even salads.

    It was nice meeting you on Friday. Hopefully we'll see each other again soon!

  4. anjali- you are my kind of girl!! french fries are yummy! you should check el caserio out when you get the's cute.

    we'll definitely see each other soon! :)


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