Tuesday, September 22, 2009

mean, green, soybean!

V.P. Tofu
237 S Garfield Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 572-9930

price: $
verdict: omg, i love it!

once in a while, i get a loud roar from my fobby side to go get some soy milk. NOT the silk milk you get at ralphs, but the authentic soy milk squeezed from a soybean squeezed by a china man. yes, it's quite delicious and i get the double perk of fortifying my body while calling forth my motherland through the drink.

v.p. tofu is a hole in the wall, located in a strip mall, right next to a laundromat kind of place. it does nothing but worship all that is tofu and is quite popular amongst the locals.

the menu is all about tofu...doh! firm, soft, salty, sweet, hot, cold, fried, or fresh...they have it all! you also know this shit is fresh because they don't use preservatives and recommend that you "keep refrigerator."

they also sell some nuts, breads, and quick packaged eats on the side, but they don't look that great to me so i've never been enticed to buy.

anyways, when i go there, i ALWAYS get a jug of the sweetened soy milk. they sell a smaller version of it, warm or cold, but it makes no sense to drive all the way to monterey park just to pick up an individual serving so i always pick up a jug or two to share with my fam. let me warn you though that if you are use to the sweet soy milk taste that you get from asian grocery stores, you may find that the sweet flavors are a bit on the light side. it is very good though and is obviously the better choice.

the sweetened black sesame soy milk is just as tasty! mmmmm.....

and don't you DARE walk away from v.p. without trying a cup of their "doa fu fa." in cantonese, that means tofu flowers. how poetic right? the slivers of silken tofu swims in a sweet ginger soup and is eaten either hot or cold. i prefer mine cold, eaten during a hot summer day, sitting in my shorts with my feet kicked up on my coffee table. the flowers will make love with your tongue before it slips down your throat. it is a mighty sexy treat and oh so delicioso!

v.p. is a great little place to try some tofu products and of course, doa fu fa. maybe you will jock this place as hard as i do. gooooo soybean!

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  1. Nooo. not a fan. you won't find me in a place like this :) It looks healthy, though.

  2. dang this one's x rated girl! i love real soy milk. so yummy. those packaged treats are calling to me too. pick me up a few huh?!

  3. afro- wtf?! why?!

    yjs- i will stuff your bag with packaged eats...yes i will.

  4. Traumatic childhood experience with soy milk, perhaps. For some reason I've just never liked it.

  5. I totally resent that. VP is NOT FOB. VP is just deeeelish. I hit it up on the weekly. Tofu is euphemistic for p00n. You just got all lesbian on your tofu flower.

  6. ohhh please chinese soul. if you're a fob and you know it clap your hands *clap* *clap* ain't no shame....

    yeah, i recall reading your description of tofu....good thing my imagination sucks.


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