Saturday, September 26, 2009

can you meet me at canele?

3219 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 666-7133

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!

i have a group of friends that i've known since undergrad at ucla...holy moly ancient memories! many, MANY years later, we are still good friends and although our lives are filled to the brim with obligations that makes hanging out a juggling act of busy calendars, we still find the time to reconvene once in a while to enjoy each other's company. not too long ago, i met up with them for brunch at canele in atwater village. i've heard many lovely stories about this lovely place so it seemed appropriate to have a casual yet intimate brunch there with my dear friends and their significant others. canele is rather small, but the food is suppose to be explosive. well, that was the word on the street anyways.

ooohhh, i like this sign! it's like taco bell's "fourth meal" but chic-er.

every good wino knows that a day should start off with some alcohol masked in oj. here's a nice glass of mimosa to wet my lips. yum!

i ordered the duck hash with fried egg. i thought the duck meat was a bit dry. the runny duck yolk did not do much to moisten this dish up. it's like putting water on hay...all you'll get is wet hay. so putting a yolk on dry duck meat...well, you know where i'm heading with that thought. though pretty to look at, i wouldn't order this again.

i had to split an order of their thick slabs of french toast with mascarpone and fig sauce. no way i was going to leave canele without trying some of those! mmmm...good! the french toast was dense and the sweetness of the figs paired nicely with the richness of the toast and reminded me of a nice summery day at the farmer's market. but to eat more than one slice was tough for the waistband.

anyways, good times with good friends filled with convo about house maintenance, babies growing in bellies, and how to cheat a stripper with a ripped up dollar. yep, it was hilarious.


  1. wow. look at that french toast. btw, dontcha think u better spill it about how to cheat the stripper? that's a lesson i could use. harhar.

  2. basically, you rip a dollar bill in half so when you hold it, it looks like you have a folded dollar in your hand. then you tuck the said torn dollar in the g-string of the gyrating (probably gay) stripper, perhaps grab a hairy ball or two, and then withdraw hand. repeat with the other 1/2 of the torn bill. since it's dark, they won't know that it's 1/2 a bill so technically, you'll be able to get away with it though god will probably frown upon this. they're getting 50 cents a pop though....the recession is tough on everyone. ahahhaha....

  3. omg that french toast is too die for! salivating all over my keyboard!

  4. *hands napkin to sam* it is pretty delicious....

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