Sunday, September 13, 2009

too hip to be square

Square One Dining
4854 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 661-1109

price: $$
verdict: omg, i love it!

i've heard about this place a lot, mainly because their sweet breakfast plates are suppose to be willy wonka awesomeness in your mouth. not suprising to me at all, when we got there, it was a 25 minute wait. not bad considering that it is a rather small establishment. as i pressed my face against their window drooling at what people were eating, i overheard a teenager whining (a lot) to her dad that she didn't want to wait and how HUNGRY she he slapped her. oops, i meant i would have slapped her. the father just absorbed the whining and kept going in and out of the restaurant to inquire about their wait. good lord. *slap* *slap*

my friends and i were finally seated in their outdoor patio area. the sun was particularly blazing that day so the three of us huddled around a shared umbrella from another table that threw a bit of shade our way. NEXT time, i'm eating inside. FUCK the california sunshine. we were also harassed by flies which meant a flurry of swatting gestures which resulted in two water glasses being knocked over. don't get me wrong, the patio is cute and you get an ominous scientology building looming over you like a big blue thumb, but i would rather not have to use my karate kid fly catching skills as i eat.

everything on the menu looked delicous and being the breakfast whore that i am, it was really hard to decide...until i'm reminded by my friends that i can always come back again. man, my friends are so smart!

i settled on the egg pressed sandwich with tomatoes, arugala, and aioli with a side of salad. um, holy yumminess! i know the sammich sounds simple and all, but the eggs were PERFECTLY cooked. it was not overcooked or undercooked..did i already mention that it was perfectly cooked? the fluffy eggs laid between my 5 grain toasted bread slices like layers and layers of a soft egg cloud. i was super happy with this one.

i want another bite!

i was also able to taste one of my friend's order, the chorizo omelette. mmmm...spicy and again, the eggs were PERFECTLY cooked. very delcious, but i liked my sammich better.

the three of us decided to share an order of their brioche french toast with pecan topping and vanilla whipped cream. holy moly this shit was DELICIOUS!!! perfect crust to the french bread with a soft bready center, sweet pecans that reminded me of a delicious pecan pie, and vanilla whipped cream with flecks of vanilla bean in it. the french toast was an awesome way to have a taste of dessert for breakfast. now i can't wait to come back and try their french toast with seasonal fruit toppings and other ooh la la egg dishes. great breakfast/brunch spot!


  1. I used to really like this place. Til I took this really bad girl out there. Those eggs lose their perfection when they're served with a side of bitch.
    Still, it's been a while. You've got me wanting to get some brunch again. I haven't done that in months!

  2. Looks awesome. Wax on wax off? hehe

  3. afro- eff the brunch talk, i am intrigued by your "side of bitch" story. what happened? *bagnatic takes out a bag of popcorn*

    yjs- i'm hungry waaaaaa!


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