Wednesday, September 16, 2009

french at the american

227 Americana
Glendale, CA 91210

price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!

once in a while, i find myself roaming about the americana. not often though because giggly teenagers and large crowds in a small space do not a good day make. besides, it's the bastard child of the grove but DOES NOT have the coolio farmer's market attached to it that saves it from being "just another teenager's hangout." so in short, i don't visit it often if i can help it.

but when i AM there, i like to visit the crepe maker for their chicken pesto crepe. there's usually a good wait for it, but i think it's probably due to its affordability relative to what gets offered at the americana. the service isn't very fast either, being that there's about two people staffed there regardless of customer volume.

so the last time i went, i got the chicken pesto crepe again....suprise! did you squirt from the suprise like this guy did?

i think it is probably the best crepe on their menu after tasting a few other savory ones and their dessert crepes which were mediocre bordering on nasty. but the pesto chicken YUM so if i were you, i'd go for this one. huge effer though so i suggest that you share with a friend lest you don't mind going up in pant size.

my favorite part of the crepe is the crepe itself. it is not soft like traditional crepes but hard and crispy but not crackily. the best comparison i can come up with is a fried eggroll shell WITHOUT the oilyness that comes from fried foods. it's lovely.

this crepe is also filled to the brim with cheese, basil, tomato chunks, chicken, and pesto sauce. it's pretty delicious for the first few bites, but once you get to the bottom half of it, it gets a bit nauseating because the cheese is pretty overpowering. i urge you to share this sucker, no really! i had to throw 20% of mine away because i couldn't heif it down no mo'!

anyways, nothing to write home to mom about, but if you HAPPEN to be at the americana and HAPPEN to get hungry and HAPPEN to have only a few bucks in your pocket, i would pop by for a crepe. ONLY the CHICKEN PESTO crepe ya hear?!


  1. Looks great! I'll have to check it out!

  2. but don't get the dessert crepe!!!

  3. Hm.. I was just there last night. I would have totally been down for some crepe if i knew. The wait for Cheesecake was super long =(

  4. afro- next time do the chicken pesto crepe and eff the factory of cheese.

  5. first of all, i am not sharing. and second of all, you shouldn't either. if there was 20% left that means whoever you would have shared with would have gotten 20%. If they got 50%, you'd still be wanting more crepe and that's unacceptable soldier!

  6. hahaha, i love how your crazy mind works yjs. the way i think of it is if i held myself back at 50%, then there would have been room for dessert!


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