Friday, May 8, 2009

egg rolls and donut holes

Mom's Donut and Chinese Food to Go
601 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 665-9272

price: $
verdict: not worth my time

some things were destined to be peppermint and chocolate, french fries dipped in ranch dressing, or carrot sticks and buffalo wings. and some pairings should have never been rihanna and chris brown, fat butts in skinny jeans, and donuts with chinese food.... seriously. donuts and chinese food?! what were you thinking?!

i don't know why i came here. oh actually, i do. i was desperate for coffee and made a stop here en route to work. i assumed that if you sell donuts, then you probably sell some form of coffee as well. so i stopped by this hole in the wall and got myself a cup of joe and a blueberry muffin. and no, i did not get a side of chow mein with it. all the chinese food are housed under heat lamps and looked rather depressed. i would rather go to panda express if i wanted heat lamp cusine at 7 in the morning.

the coffee i got was water downed and was contained in the most flimsy styrofoam cup ever. mid driving, the coffee sloshed out of its cup and dripped all over my cup holder. damn you! and because i was desperate, i drank whatever was left over and got some on my clothes as well. smooth. the blueberry muffin tasted fine. sweet and mushy. it did not have a hard muffin top cap. not exactly the best muffin i've had in my life, but perhaps the only silver lining that morning with mom's donut.

this establishment is a perfect example of multi-tasking gone bad. focus on either the donuts or the chinese food momma!

chow mein or bear claws? hmmm....

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