Saturday, May 9, 2009

pancho underwhelms me

Pancho's Restaurant
3615 Highland Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 545-6670

price: $$
verdict: not worth my time

if pancho was a real man, he would be gorgeous, sexy, and oh so hot! shaggy black hair, sparkly eyes, and a crest white stripes smile. but if pancho was a real man, he probably wouldn't have much to say either. vapid be the word? no substance? definitely dumber than a doornail. that's how i felt about pancho's the restaurant. its all looks but no substance.

friends and i came here for lunch not too long ago. first off, they have valet with different price points for lunch versus dinner time. wtf?! this is outright wallet molestation. since i was running late and metered parking wasn't available, i had to valet. when i came out, the valet guy actually had the gall to TRY to raise the valet price on me because of the change in time. so what if we took a long time shmoozing in there. i parked during lunch time and left right before their dinner shift. how dare you try to pull one on me! he backed off and gave me a "warning" instead. wtf?!

not to mention the food was totally underwhelming. i ordered their enchiladas suizas which in hindsight should have never been ordered because no place beats gloria's suizas and i always get disappointed. the pancho's version wasn't tart or tangy, the sour cream was a glob, the rice was too wet, and the beans tasted like canned goods given to them from red cross. why the heck do people eat here? it's overpriced and the food is stupid boring!

it's a sexy atmosphere serving mediocre meals. pancho, i would not bang you again, no matter how hot you might be.

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