Saturday, May 2, 2009

pure madness

The Mad Greek
72112 Baker Blvd
Baker, CA 92309
(760) 733-4354

price: $$
verdict: it's aight

the mad greek was mad busy when we dropped by for lunch on our way home. it was a perfect set up really because it's just a few store fronts down from alien fresh jerky. after cavorting with aliens, we were starving!

they have a range of greek dishes as well as a small mexican menu if you would rather chow down on quesedillas instead of gyros. there's also an incredible fried food menu like their amazing looking zuccini fries which i sadly didn't order. i blame my sudden will power as a result of over eating at bouchon in vegas. *burp* what i did end up ordering was a lamb/beef gyro which comes with rice and a lemonade for a total cost of $13.51. not bad considering that they give you a healthy portion for your healthy gut.

i thought my gyro was a bit salty and so was the rice as a matter of fact. but i ate the whole thing anyways because when i am hungry, i have no standards. they also have a restroom that is relatively clean and works which is critical if you were using mad greek as a pee break. i probably wouldn't come here again though just to eat. i've been here twice and both times seemed so meh. next time, i would probably drive straight through and stop when i see the glittering vegas lights or when i reach my home sweet home, depending on the direction i'm heading towards. mad greek seems like an unneccesary detour so stop here if you feel your bladder is about to explode...otherwise, save yourself from risking hypertension and grab some grub somewhere else.

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