Friday, May 8, 2009

will tweet for food


price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!

i donned my camouflage hoodie and strapped on my mk 16 rifle. tonight, i went on a kogi truck hunt. boo yah!

first off, i see why you need to be on twitter. their original location on sunset was changed last minute to another silverlake location, the 4100 bar. so if you weren't twitting like i was, you would have driven around like a dumbass, a real twit. thank god i was able to save myself from some unnecessary frustration tonight. *high five* anyways, once i locked my eyes on the kogi truck, i was ready to go in for the kill.

kill we did. we were lucky too because the line was short so the anticipation wasn't as agonizing. i ordered their bbq chicken, tofu, short ribs, and spicy pork tacos. for $2 a pop, i had a gustatory experience that pleasured my nose as well as my tastebuds. i absolutely loved the fusion of spices and the savoriness of the meats. and the slaw, what a perfect example of savory goodness. unfortunately, i do not have a belly of a whale and did not try to order the kimchi quesadilla or their burritos on top of the tacos. i must admit, a part of me was sad that i couldn't eat more. ahhh, next time.

after this kogi truck kill, i'm still reeking of their unforgiving onions. but before the smell fades, i am already planning my next kogi truck hunt. it turns out the hunt is just as addictive as the kill.

the infamous truck.

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