Friday, May 1, 2009

nikki makes me happy with a cheap happy hour!

72 Market St
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 450-3010

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!

my friend and i came to nikki's in search of happy hour. it was perfect timing too when we walked in because there was one table left and we quickly nabbed it. patrons that came later had to stand around. nanananana....*sticks tongue out*

nikki's had a good selection of appetizers and drinks on the menu for happy hour prices which meant half off. boo yah! i love sales! the wine selection was limited to a house white or red, but they have a fairly decent beer menu. i settled on the house chardonnay which tasted fine. the appetizer choices consisted of the usual fare. we ordered the calamari, avacado wonton, and the "shrooms" which turned out to be sliced mushrooms wrapped in filo dough. the avacado wontons were fabulous, but then again, how can you ever go wrong with avacoados that are wrapped up then fried? the calamari was tasty but the shrooms...not so much. when i took a bite of my shroom, my tongue was met with a cold center. the least you can do is to defrost them well before serving!

overall, nikki's has oodles of potential to become an awesome happy hour spot because the bill for 3 appetizers and a glass of wine and beer came out to be $26 WITH TIP INCLUDED. that meant $13 each. heck yeah that's a great price! you would think so too if you ate out as much as i do. so nikki's, remember to heat up your shrooms and i'll be back.

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