Friday, May 8, 2009

food to thai me over

Pacific Thai Cuisine
663 Lighthouse Ave
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
(831) 646-8424

price: $$
verdict: it's aight

let's just say, thank god for hard working southeast asian peoples. my friend and i were stumbling around pacific grove looking for something to eat at 3pm. god almighty, does EVERYBODY take a siesta during this time? we first hit up hula's- CLOSED from 3-5. then we walked to crystal fish- CLOSED from 3-5. then we drove over to the red house cafe- CLOSED 3-5. come on now peoples! suprise me with something different. how about OPEN for once!

pacific thai is located directly across from the red house cafe. after this 3rd and final attempt to find a yummy place that was open, i had enough. seriously, i was one step closer to going cannabalistic and needed food immediately. i then looked across the street and spotted pacific thai. i told me friend that we should try this place, but of course, i was reminded that everything seemed closed at this time, perhaps this place is closed as well.

ahhhh...nope. OPEN. thank you jesus! i was banking on the fact that the asian man is a hardworker and works through the siestas and the weekends. we settled down for some ok tasting thai food at lunch special prices. i ended up ordering the pad thai (i know what you're thinking...BORING) and my friend ordered their curry. the pad thai was sweet and the curry had a strong coconut taste to it. overall, not the best tasting thai food by far, but for that day, i was fed. that made me happy.

2 lunch specials and two thai iced teas with tip and tax came out to be $24.50. NICE! thanks for acknowledging the hard hit economy!
sweet pad thai.

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