Thursday, May 7, 2009

my tasting journey

Fishwife Seafood Restaurant At Asilomar Beach
1996 Sunset Dr
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
(831) 375-7107

price: $$
verdict: not worth my time

fishwife started off strong. we ordered the fried calamari and expected the typical fried tentacles and calamari rings, but instead was pleasantly suprised with nicely breaded calamari steak cut up in large yumolicious pieces. i don't know for the life of me why they give you such a tiny pot of dip for your calamari though, but they do. as punishment for loving dip, you have to beg them for more because in successive returns with more dip, it comes in the same little, little, container. why? just bring me the damn vat!

i then ordered the clam chowder because i'm a clam chowder whore. the waitress was correct in recommending that we split our bowl of chowder because of it's creaminess. creamy indeed! i felt like i directly pumped milk from the cow's udders into my mouth. i felt more than stuffed at that point, but vaykay ain't vaykay without some indulgence. i promptly started on my entree.

my entree was a bowl of sorts called the baja bowl.

they sold it well with the menu discription. there were suave details about blackbeans on a bed of cabbage with scallops in lobster sauce over rice. mmm right?! NOT. the dish is suprisingly sweet due to the cabbage dressing and the scallops were TINY. they were literally the size of a dime.

the fettuccini dish called the portafino

my friend ordered had shrimps the size of quarters

heck, i'm not saying that you should have jumbo sized seafood in everything, but for $18 a plate, perhaps you can spare a few REGULAR sized sea creatures. i didn't expect smurf sized sea creatures in my dishes nor mediocrity for that price. i definitely expected more. in general, the entrees were no bueno and far from being delicioso! i was so sad.

sure, i might come back here. but next time, i will be seated at the bar, eating ONLY their fried calamari, and shaking my head in amazement as loads of people show up to eat mediocre food with exorbitant price tags.

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