Sunday, November 15, 2009

crane sushi attempts to make the grade

when i was an undergrad at ucla, there were moments in my education when i just didn't give a i would roll out of my bunk bed late, fast walk my ass down bruin walk from dykstra, and make it in time for maybe 30 minutes of class while i sat in the back nosing around my backpack for something to eat. in most cases, these were "pass/no pass" classes, so i always did the bare minimum to pass. yup, i worked the system like a stripper working for that last quarter in your pocket.

a few days ago, i ate at a pass/no pass sushi restaurant in alhambra called crane sushi. the set up inside was a bit confusing because of the japanese meets tiki hut decor. normally, if i'm not paying for ambience as part of my diner's fee, then i really don't care. i brushed off the confusing decor as i looked over the menu.

since there were three of us dining that day, we ordered a medly of raw things to eat. the first up was this plate of cut rolls; scallop, spicy tuna, and unagi. it was ok...nothing explosive in my mouth but nothing explosive in my pants either after i ate it so it got a pass grade from me.

a sushi platter which had the typical cuts of fish at any there or barely there sushi bars; maguro, salmon, white fish, albacore, ebi, and the ever present spicy tuna (a sushi love i have which gets me hoo). again, not the freshest fish i've tasted, but acceptable. another pass grade.

a friend wanted to try their clams in wine and onion broth. it's a rather small bubbly container so check out the chopsticks for some perspective. the clams were also pretty dinky and i think two might be able to share this dish and be fine with the portion size, but for three people, it was pushing it. it's like having one ice-cream cone and getting five people to give it one lick only. fulfilled? methinks NOT. this dish was tasty though, and also relatively more pricey in this menu of cheap eats. pass grade.

overall, the food is OK. a pass. the sushi is one step above supermarket sushi and the rolls are feeling the recession so the price points are CHEAP. service is lousy though, but anytime i travel down the 10 east and find myself anywhere in the sgv, service considerations usually goes out the window anyways (hmmm...good service hardly exists...but tipping does. interesting). i wouldn't recommend this place as a great sushi joint, but since it won't cause explosive diarrhea or rape your wallet, then it'll fit SOMEONE'S eating criteria so if it does for you, GO friend. it barely gets a pass grade, but it passes....and sometimes, that is good enough.

Crane Sushi
17 West Main Street
Alhambra, CA 90032
(626) 458-0388

price: $$
verdict: it's aight
Crane Sushi on Urbanspoon


  1. Thanks for the review! Very witty. Also I too would be confused at the Japanese/ tiki theme!

  2. Meh, I think I'll pass. When it comes to sushi, i've learned that just okay isn't good enough.

  3. thanks south bay. you make me blush too *blushing*

    afro- you're right. ok sushi is sometimes not ok. where's your favorite sushi place?

  4. Hm, I'm not sure if I have a favorite here in LA yet. I only remember the ones that fail miserably. Still searching and still eating!

  5. dang. you've been on a roll. get it? roll? sorry. i lived in rieber north. 5th floor. overlooking the basketball courts. just fyi. this was after your time. i had a very regimented diet then. capri sun at 10 am. nutrigrain bar at 2pm. dinner at 7. froyo at 7:30. pretzel with cheese at 10 from puzzles. every day the same. can u believe that?

  6. sorry i meant before your time. you a bruin of a later class.

  7. girl, i'm procrastinating BIG TIME. i need to write up a few things and REALLY DON'T want to do it...ack. so i blog instead :(

    you're as regular as a bowel movement. i use to get a clam chowder bowl from puzzles...ah, those were the days. kinda glad i'm all grown up though. college was fun but aimless. i'm probably the only one that thinks that way. anyways, miss the bruin yell/scream (?) during final's week...not. i do miss rx though...endless sour patch kids into my pie hole. those were the days.

  8. afro, you keep looking and you keep me in the know when you find a good one.

  9. I can jog to this restaurant from my house, but it takes a roaming belly to actually dare eating here. Kudos to you, SUCKA! =)

  10. chinese man- why you such a hater? i will give practically any place at least a try unless i see a roach running across their tables. besides, a friend picked THIS ONE out :)

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