Monday, November 16, 2009

spam love at shakas

a prohibitive love i have comes compacted in a can with oozy jelly on top. its pink flesh and mysterious taste indicates that it's pork, but if you allow your imagination to wander like a crazy rob zombie movie, then perhaps the pink flesh is actually made up of grounded up fingers chopped off of meat factory workers. you know, terrible, terrible accidents...they happen all the time. or perhaps it is just spam.

i first felt the tingling sensation of spam love when my friend introduced me to shakas about 8 years ago. the scene of the love crime; shakas hawaiian flavors in monterey park. it's a casual place and you order at the counter and they bring you your food, kind of like an urth cafe but faster, cheaper, and fattier.

the menu is pretty diverse, though i can't vouch for it much because i'm pretty monagamous to the shaka plate. to me, the combination of sesame chicken, teriyaki beef, chinese chicken salad, SPAM MUSUBI, and a side of heiniously fatty macaroni salad makes my belly happy. overall though, the plate sways to the sweeter side because of the teriyaki sauce and the salad dressing. if you like your things on the savory side, this may not be your pick but i do urge you to get a taste of their spam musubi and the macaroni salad. one taste will change your life for the better...just like mine.
the menu (click on the picture for price points because their online menu won't list any).

the shaka plate...yummy!

do not pass go, go directly into my pie hole please.

i've never been to hawai'i but i imagine a special road made out of spam bricks....mmm, and if it's wrapped up in rice and nori with a smear of teriyaki sauce, that would be even better. spam musubi, shaka plate....the magic happens here at shakas!

2300 S Garfield Ave
Ste D
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(323) 888-2695

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!

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  1. follow the yellow spam road! that looks yum. i've never had spam masubi. cue the violins. ; (

  2. do you even like spam yjs? if you don't, then rice, nori, and teriyaki won't make the spam taste any better....just sayin.' but spam musubi is sooooo good though.

  3. Mmmm.. that shakas plate looks delicious and monstrous at the same time

  4. eat with caution dc. you seem too healthy for the shaka plate though.

  5. Wai.. I give you the healthy vibe? Really?

  6. you're not? but you do seem to drink like a fish though....hmm....

  7. Well, for them it's considered breathing. For me it's refilling my blood alcohol content.

  8. When I lived in Pasadena, I used to venture to this neighborhood often and would wonder about Shakas, but never stop in. Next time, I am pulling over for this delightful monster plate!

  9. monstrous it is marie. i don't indulge myself often with this with caution cuz it's heavy!

    afro- don't drive to pasadena then. i see crazy ole sobriety check points there all the time.


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