Tuesday, November 3, 2009

juicy las vegas

excuse my tangent, but does this butt look familiar to you? i swear i’ve seen this bally’s billboard FOREVER. anytime we pull off the 15 and i see these round buttocks, i know i'm not in kansas anymore.

the first night’s dinner was spent at hot n’ juicy. we saw this on man vs. food and decided to check it out cuz i'm gullible like that. i had sneaking suspicions that this joint was the vegas version of boiling crab….and i was right! oh phooey. don't get me wrong, i enjoy boiling crab, but to eat that here in vegas was a waste of time and money especially when i can do the same at home. it's located in a strip mall so look for it's signboard if you happen to crave some of these cajun spices.

we ordered a pound of crawfish in their hot n' juicy special sauce. you get to tailor your spice level so we picked "medium" because i didn't want my butt to burn the following day when i visit the toilet. the sauce was tasty with spices that were very reminiscent of boiling crab. the crawfish is a favorite crustacean of mine, but eating it entails a lot of work. there's a teensie weensie bit of meat in the tail so remember to suck the crawfish head and eat the tailmeat and then you're done.

we also ordered a dungeness crab in their lemon pepper sauce. we should have inquired about the size because the whole darn thing costed $30, holy moly. the meat was sweet and trumped over the crawfish because the spices weren't as potent so you can actually taste something other than sauce. here it comes out, suffocated and ready for consumption.

a side of cajun fries. very crispy. i likey fries.

the david and goliath of the seafood world.

see, i came here because of him. so the moral of this story is, stop watching t.v. and eating where this white man eats. fool. the food with tip came out to be $54.04 and honestly, it still left us a bit hungry but gambling dulled the hunger pangs a bit.

Hot N Juicy Crawfish
4810 Spring Mountain Rd
Ste C & D
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 891-8889
price: $$
verdict: it's aight
Hot N Juicy Crawfish on Urbanspoon


  1. Yeah when I saw it, I thought it to be exactly like Boiling Crab too. Oh but good gawd, I didn't really eat dinner tonight and the look of that crawfish is killing my belly at 2am...

  2. wise words my friend. but it looks really good. i love seafood but i can't be bothered to suck on crawfish heads.no.

  3. what are you doing up at 2am in the morn afro? does it involve naked women on t.v.?

    yjs, what kind of heads do you like to suck then?

    wow, overtly sexual undertones here. forgive me.


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