Friday, November 6, 2009

syrup in square crevices = tasty

if waffles and pancakes got into a fight, waffles would win hands down, in a breakfast ufc championship with maple syrup running all over. it would be a sticky, but delicious battle and waffles would walk away with a big blingy belt that announces him to be the CHAMPION of breakfasts in all the land. mmm...waffles so good.

while in vegas, we got a taste of the most delicious waffles ever! thinking about it makes me drool so i'm wiping my mouth vigorously as i type. they were CRISPY, not crunchy. LIGHT, not heavy with the most gentle waffle taste to grace these hardened tastebuds of mine. welcome to waffles cafe, a place where waffle dreams are made.

bright colored interior. it's like a burst of sunshine while you eat.

here's the co-owner jeff. he was really shy about me taking his pic so he asked me to take a butt shot instead. what do you think of his butt? super friendly, nice dude that makes you want to root for his business. i hope his cafe becomes a success so they can bring their business out to l.a. as well cuz he's korean and what the heck are you doing in summerlin? can you even get kimchee there?

the concept makes total sense, but i have yet to see one here in l.a. if you know of one, give me a holla. basically, you replace the bread of any sammich WITH A WAFFLE INSTEAD. pure genius? i think yes! but again, this ain't any ole waffle, it's jeff's secret recipe waffles which makes it delicious.

i ordered a tuna sammich that came with a side of potato chips. a scoopful of tuna salad was heaped between two waffle halves which gave this sammich such an interesting/odd taste and texture combo for my mouth. other than the disgusting sweet sauce that they squirt in all their sammiches (WARNING: ask them to WITHHOLD their sweet sauce or you'll be sorry. it is nasty), it was a truly yummy concept. i would have loved to have tried everything if my belly could have handled it.

the dessert waffle was decadent with fresh strawberries, nutella, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and a big lump of vanilla ice cream as its cherry on top. again, i appreciated the airiness and crispiness of the waffle and all the sweetness piled on top. if you don't want to get this "yooni's favorite," you can always create your own dessert waffle. each ingredient will have a different price point, but it allows you control over your own food.

after this memorable meal, we came back right before we left vegas for a farewell breakfast. i ordered the basic breakfast meal which was under $5 with coffee included (before 11am)! the waffles were heavenly once again. it's like biting into a crispy cloud with maple syrup drizzled on top. i really enjoyed this a lot as well.

i was given a card so that jeff can stamp my orders. a few meals later, i will get a $5 credit toward something delicious. i look forward to coming back here and eating everything all over again. mmm...drool. *wipe*

WaffleS Cafe
5165 S Fort Apache Rd
Ste 160
Las Vegas, NV 89148
(702) 597-9775

price: $
verdict: omg, i love it!
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  1. Hmm, waffle sandwiches for sale.. interesting. I used to make those with my roomies back in Gtown when we were too poor for bread so we used eggos to hold together our starkist and mayo.. these actually look appealing though.

  2. undergrad cooking was pathetic at best afro. aren't you glad yous a baller now and eating at 5 star restaurants? :)

    the waffles were so crispy and airy...craveable.

  3. what on earth?! waffle tuna sandwich? dang! and it came from the mind of a korean? i'm so proud!

  4. Why aren't these delish waffles in LA? Boo!

  5. yjs- i really wanted a kimchee waffle pizza. i should request this next time and bring my own bottle.

    south bay- that's what i ask myself EVERY MORNING when i wake up. seriously.


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