Wednesday, November 4, 2009

it's hoppin' at the peppermill

karate kid is not the only place you will find a "grasshopper." in fact, if you head over to the peppermill in las vegas, you will find a perfectly delectable grasshopper that is creamy, icy, minty, with a splash of spirits. as you drink it, you're required to do the wax on, wax off motion, i kid you not. i do caution you that this is not the best "get fucked up drink" you can order because the alcohol level is almost nonexistent. but if you want a "tastes like a minty milkshake drink" then this is as good as it'll get. my friend introduced me to this place a while back and i've never been the same...damn you friend! like an obsessed lover, i haunt this place every time i find myself in sin city so i can wax on, wax off.

besides, the whole peppermill/fireside lounge experience is worth the overpriced drinks. the mood is 100% big pimpin' and sitting there for just a bit will give you a crazy urge to break out a small mirror and snort some coke. it has great kitschy ambience with the neon lights, watery firepit in the middle, brass bars, and faux foliage to complete the big pimpin' mood. the place also oddly transports me back to thin john travolta and his saturday night fever days. bell bottoms were hot and i wish i wore a pair as i sipped my grasshopper checking out all the pimps and hos.

you can also order little nibblies as you drink. buffalo wings are a safe bet here though they are kinda fatty. i eat all the carrot and celery sticks because i like to pretend that i'm healthy while i inhale chicken fat.

photo proof to show you i can't eat in the dark. like my gelato eating days in italy, i need a full body bib. yes, you have every right to feel embarassed when you eat with me.

i really enjoy this place and am glad to have made its acquaintance. going to vegas means visiting the fireside lounge, ALWAYS.

The Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge
2985 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 735-4177

price: $$
verdict: omg, i love it!
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  1. oh you hobag! sportin' jeans and sneakers! slut! hehe.

  2. OOOOH, there used to be a Peppermill Restaurant and Lounge in one of my hometowns. I have fond memories of going to the firepit after winter prom. Then that place closed down and I didn't know where to find another one since. Glad to know I can relive old memories in Vegas. Well, you can live just about anything in Sin City..

    Oh and I was part of the Cobra Kai dojo for Halloween.

  3. yjs- i may be wearing jeans and sneaks on the bottom, but i sported bandaids on each nipple on top. slutty enough for you?

    aircon- peppermill had multiple locations. it's a fun place to hang out for sure...and you are right, sin city is like fantasy island without the little person but with a lot of hookers.

    you know karate mr. ac? wax on, wax off.


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