Sunday, November 8, 2009

voodoo at the palace station

rare are those instances when you put something in your mouth and immediately sigh from pleasure (DON'T GO THERE NASTY).

eating at the oyster bar in palace station casino will make you SIGH, MOAN, GROAN, and YELL out in pleasure because the food will fuck your tongue and make you wiggle (YES, I WENT THERE).

thanks to alex, a.k.a afro a.k.a ac, i headed to the oyster bar for my last late night meal in vegas. holy shit must i send him a stripper for alerting me to such a tasty place because not only was i beyond pleased with what i ate, i also discovered a newfound love for gambling at ghetto places.

first of all, i went there late on a tuesday so there was no wait. i can imagine a scary long line though when it's during peak hours. i hopped on a stool and proceeded to order the combo pan roast which had shrimp, crab, and lobster meat (though i was told later that the palace pan roast was the best choice because of the added chicken and sausage. oh wells, something to look forward to next time). the cooking was done by this funny man named J.J. he reminds me of a charlie chaplin but in color and wearing a chef's hat. i liked him a lot.

hi J.J.!

the pan roasts (which oddly does not involve a pan or any roasting), are cooked in these hot ass cookers that will sizzle anything in 5 seconds. once the said items are cooked, the handle is pulled to pour out the contents into a bowl. efficient, fast, and deadly. i like.

double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and caldron bubble....i'm telling you, wicked voodoo boiling up in here. one taste and you'll be hooked for life.

and THIS, my fellow food enthusiasts, is THE combo PAN ROAST. it turns out that a pan roast is a super, uber creamy tomato based soup/stew with seafood or meat in it. you eat that with rice which i recommend that you get in a separate bowl so you can ladle as much or as little of this creaminess on it as you want. i will not use the foodie cliche and call it "crack" or "crack-like." it's more like smoking opium in an opium den while you languish on a straw mat in euphoria while your life pasts you by. the after effects of eating this delectable but heavy pan roast will make you WANT to languish lazily on a straw mat. alas, i did not find one after dinner so i had to languish at a craps table instead.

a hunk of burning love, aka, shrimp.

you know what? i'm GLAD the oyster bar is located in faraway vegas cuz if it's anywhere close to me, guess what i'll be eating for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner? yes, i will turn into roly poly violet beauregarde after all.

and THAT, dear friends, was my happy belly ending to all the las vegas eats. thank god. there is something truly unholy about eating out for every single meal.
Oyster Bar
Palace Station Casino
2411 W Sahara Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89102
price: $$
verdict: omg, i love it!
Oyster Bar (Palace Station) on Urbanspoon


  1. I am also a big fan of the Oyster Bar @ Palace Station and can't go to Vegas without a pit stop there for atleast one meal (sometimes two!). I'm glad to you see that you enjoyed it. I'm from Southern California and recently found out that one of the chefs that use to work at the O-Bar @ Palace Station opened up a restaurant in Chino Hills, CA. It's a far drive from the South Bay but worth it if you are really craving some of that combo pan roast. His restaurant is called The Boiler and he serves up the same menu utilizing the steam kettles just like at O-bar. In case you have an insatiable hankering for some Oyster Bar check it out!

  2. Next time I go to Vegas, I'll give you my room number so you know where to send the stripper. Glad you enjoyed this as much as I did.

  3. thanks emi, i looked it up. chino hills not so far of a drive for a fix. i love how the food community are such enablers! it's on my list!

    afro- how about a midget stripper so it's 1/2 off when i pay. is that ok with you? (shit, am i going to hell with that kind of comment?)

  4. Why so cheap, friend? The craps table must not have treated you well.

  5. i wish we had one here. that looks like good shit. and you make it sound uhh memorable to say the least. hehe

  6. afro- what's wrong with loving a short woman?

    yjs- per emi, the closest one is in CHINO HILLS which has less seafood but still the same creamy soup. mmmmm.....jtyh don't seem so far now does it?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Great review of The Oyster Bar - my favorite place to eat in Vegas and never have I stood in line more then 1/2 hour - weeeeee....I so enjoy this place and take all my friends there when we go............been awhile - wish I could find a good copy of the recipe!

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