Saturday, November 21, 2009

meeting my dimsum needs at east gourmet

going to dimsum for chinese people is like a picnic of hamburgers and hot dogs for you americans, except we have chicken feet, tripe, and other awfully delicious, offalicious things to eat. it is also a great time to sit around with all the old people and have them ask you embarassing questions about your relationships, double chin, marriage, and for me, my old eggs in my dusty, ancient ovaries (how can the eggs be viable with ancient ovarian walls crumbling all around them you might wonder? yep, they wonder too). and yes folks, it just got personal. like monthly thanksgiving dinners that start off with feel-good vibes, the convo always turns a little wacko. why do family do that?

normally, my family stick to ocean seafood in chinatown, but once in a while, we brave the 10 east and find ourselves in rosemeand at east gourmet seafood restaurant. this place has sorry reviews on yelp, but it's also packed up to the hilt for dimsum during the weekends. i can't imagine a billion chinese people to be in the wrong about this (ok, maybe not a billion, but definitely not wrong). methinks the dimsum is rather tasty.

we always start off with ha-gow which is a dimsum staple. they are shrimp filled dumplings wrapped in translucent rice wrappers. this is probably my most favorite dimsum dish EVER and they usually go fast, thanks to me.

phoenix claws aka chicken feet. mmm, also a favorite of mine. the feet are marinated in soy sauce and black beans and then steamed until tender. nothing like spitting toe bones onto your plate to bring sexy back.

sliced pig ears with chili sauce. delicious cold dish with a lovely crunch. chomp, chomp, chomp went me chompers and oink, oink, ouch went the pigs.

curry beef tendons. this was a lovely discovery at east gourmet and i don't see them often, but when i do, they have my name all over it. the tendons are slightly gelatinous and do not appeal to all folks, but if it appeals to you, it is really a delicious dish to try.

veggie meat gows which are NOT good. ack. i took a bite and "accidently" dropped the other half on the floor. whooops.

and a family pic of tripe, cheung fan (rice rolls), steamed pork ribs, and black been ribs. yummy.

the best thing about east gourmet is that EVERY dimsum dish is priced at $1.88 which is awesome. if you didn't already know this, most dimsum places have different price points depending on whether it is a "small" or "big" dimsum item. no mediums since you ain't buying a jacket yo. anyways, i like this place and i suggest you get here before 10am because it gets crazy crowded and the parking lot is stressful. it's literally like dimsuming in china with the amount of people that frequent this shopping center.
East Gourmet Seafood Restaurant
8118A East Garvey Avenue
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 288-9128
price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!
East Gourmet Seafood Resturant on Urbanspoon


  1. what a freakin' steal. 1.88? and i love embarassing convos about dusty eggs and period trackers. i live for that shit. invite me next time. i show the roaming belly fam my double chin. it means, i'm wise. hehe.

  2. haha yjs, you're the skinniest chick i know. your double chin might be visible if you pinch your skin together. no convos are too personal when it comes to fam right? next time, you come and divert their questionings, though they may think i'm lebanese if you're there...hahaha. ?

  3. Ahh cheap dimsum! I just had some today at some place on Valley. I literally had each exact dish that you ordered.. and it ends up being only 5 bucks pre-tip for each person. Oh and I too did not like the veggie meat gao, I think i will stop ordering that one completely.

    Though there was something slightly sexy with the girl eating phoenix talon.

  4. OMG curry tendons. That's reason enough to drive all the way there.

  5. afro- if you ever meet a chicken feet eating woman, i suggest you hold on to her like an anaconda snake wrapped around j-lo. dimsum is fun...and then you're hungry like 5 minutes later.

    stuffycheaks- the curry tendons were fantastic. you can stuff your cheeks with them, har har. :)

  6. My anaconda don't want none unless she's got buns hon!

    Like good, shrimp-filled, steamed ones. Those will do.


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