Monday, November 23, 2009

eat my blog says my belly

when i heard about eat my blog, a charity bake sale organized by cathy of gastronomyblog and diana of diana takes a bite, i immediately wanted IN. the year is about to come to a close and i have yet to rack up the much needed good karma points that one must rack up before the close of the year (if i were you, i would check your karma points total as well). besides, it seems like a great way to do something good for the community...and if it involves food, well HECK yeah, i'm in!

anyways, i decided to make a LIMITED EDITION rum cake. limited because i will probably burn a few loaves while i'm at it. besides, my keebler elves will be on vacation so i will have to crank it out on my own...or maybe i just don't want a tragic visual of a mountain of untouched, unsold rum cakes made by moi.

if it will entice you any, it will involve 2 of my most favorite ingredients in the world, pecans and rum. now doesn't that make you wanna run and not walk to the bake sale? and if you do find yourself there, do pick up my rum cake. it will be made with 100% roaming belly love and 80 proof rum which is a fabulous combo if i must say so myself. methinks it will be a sweet, sweet deal.


  1. If your rum cake isn't enough to get the crowd drunk, there's a BevMo right next door to Zeke's!

    Thank you so much for volunteering your talents!!

  2. You bake? I see for myself if this be true or thisbe false. Really excited to go and buy a year's worth of cookies cakes pies and more. Do I get karma points for buying? I say yes!

  3. gastronomer- my pleasure. a baking storm it will be!

    yjs- you get karma points if you spend at least $20. i think that's the rule....i bake :)

  4. I really want to try to make it! Happy Thanksgiving!


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