Saturday, November 7, 2009

getting toasted at ichiza

no buffets for me here in vegas, but i do like a spread of eats to choose from when i grub. i think that explains why the concept of small bites or tapas style appeals to me especially if i'm not looking for a meal but rather a "buffet" of things to nibble on to stave me from mad hunger.

while in sin city, i had a craving for japanese food. i learned that ichiza had yakitori so i immediately thought of my beloved shinsengumi in gardena and hoped i might find its likeness here.

like many eateries in vegas, ichiza too, is located in a strip mall. the inside is cozy though and has a bar area, tables, and tables with sunken footing so you can pretend that you're sitting on the floor when in reality, you're just posing like you're doing it authentic style when you're really not. crazy posers.

i decided to sit at the bar because of the cooking action. besides, i like the informal feeling of eating at one.

a slew of things were immediately ordered. the spicy tuna roll started the eating frenzy. it was ok, but nothing special.

garlic chicken gizzard with long green beans. the gizzard was severly overcooked which made it tough and elasticky AND it was way too salty. i felt like i was eating salty garlic flavored rubber bands.

grilled beef tongue which was also overcooked. instead of being tender, it was super duper chewy. ichiza has NOTHING on shinsengumi when it comes to the grilling.

grilled liver. the sweet teriyaki sauce they used to cover the liver overpowered its natural taste. i like my liver lightly grilled, slightly undercooked with a sprinkle of salt...and with a helping of fava beans....muhahahaha. again, no comparison to shinsengumi grilling.

grilled gizzards. tough mofos these were. bleh.

a small bowl of their "ichiza's ramen dx" to share which had kakuni (pork belly), bamboo shoots, green onions, half an egg, seaweed, and a small sheet of dried nori. the broth was complex and warmed my belly as it made its way down. the ramen was aldente and delicious. i liked this dish a lot and would order it again.

black cod fish fillet with miso sauce. the cod was super tender, buttery, and fell to bits when you poked it. it also had the right amount of saltiness from the miso sauce and was the best savory dish of the night by far. this dish is a must order if i ever come back here again.

the whole grub fest ended with a most delightful "honey toast" which was a half loaf of toasted bread with a ton of bad-for-you fixings. the middle portion of the bread was sectioned off into fours, then buttered, and drizzled with honey with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. it is such an omg dessert in so many ways! for a carb whore like myself, i really loved it though the zipper on my jeans tried its darndest to keep things together. i would come back to ichiza JUST FOR THIS:

breaking down the walls, breaking down the walls like the berlin wall. there were tears of joy in my eyes as i heifed this one down.

overall, ichiza had a few winners though the grilled items were sadness on a stick. i think for a japanese restaurant in las vegas with affordable price points, it was pretty darn good. like i said, i'm coming back here for the cod fish and honey toast.

4355 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 367-3151
price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!
Ichiza Sake House on Urbanspoon


  1. All this glorious fooding in Vegas... you make me really want to go back already!

  2. Honey Toast where have you been all my life? Butter and ice cream and bread? so wrong@! so right! the rest of this meal gizzards, lizzards and livers not my deal. I draw the line at offals. boo to me.

  3. Really like this place! but Raku... straight. OWNS Ichiza in terms of quality. With a coupla more izakayas, who elses Palms Buffet?

  4. afro- gambling, eating large, bare naked butts...i know what you're asking santa claus this year.

    yjs- that's what i said to honey toast too when i looked him in his eyes before devouring him like a praying mantis. *burp*

    chinese soul- i need to try raku now and why do people still do buffet?! ugh!


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