Thursday, November 12, 2009

getting flossed at barbrix

first of all, if you plan to look for barbrix in the evening time, i suggest that you strap a miner's flashlight to your forehead as you sniff this place out. barbrix is well hidden and not at all close to hyperion ave as its address states. it's more like a little house located on the back lot of a dark parking area which happens to be on hyperion. be ready to circle around a two block radius like a dumbass until you finally find it. just accept this fate ok OR look for tracy street as its cross street and and a hardware store which sits right across from it. i find that landmarks help a lot when you're driving in the dark.

when i finally got there, i was soooo ready for a glass of wine. i started off with a prosecco which immediately smoothed out the night. my friend started to rip into the bread....ah, what bread whores we are.

we started off with the hamachi crudo ($9) which were three small slivers of hamachi served with ginger creme fraiche. it was rather delicious but a bite later it was gone :( that appears to be the theme of the night. hi, bite, bye.

the charcuterie of choice was the culatello ($7) which is sliced lean proscuitto. i LOVE proscuitto and eating that while sipping me wino always makes my mouth sing. yummay. and sing i do, when i get tipsy enough, but that's another story.

roasted butternut squash salad which was free. you know why? cuz i took a bite of the crostini and felt something FLOSS MY TEETH. yup, a HAIR. ILL. i waved our server over and she apologized and brought out a new plate for us, but you see, my friend was seriously traumatized by this. after witnessing this hairy situation, she took a bite out of her own food and thought she found hair in her food as well....only to realize that she had taken a bite out of her own black locks instead when she had leaned over for a bite. what would you have done?

grilled arctic char ($12) with the MOST DELICIOUS marinated beets ever. this was my first time tasting this fish and i thought it tasted like salmon. when i got home and googled it, it turned out my tastebuds were partly right because they are closely related to salmon and trout. if you like these two types of fish, then i recommend that you get this dish or try it wherever artic char is offered. it is a rather delicious fish.

deep fried sweetbreads with a spicy aioli dip ($6). the sweetbreads were overly battered and fried which means you barely taste the sweetbreads themselves. instead, they tasted like popcorn chicken with a creamy middle which is a shame. sweetbreads, when well prepared, is quite tasty.

4 glasses of wine, 4 plates of small bites (minus the hairy salad), and a generous tip later left us $101 poorer. even after finding that piece of hair, i think their food is generally delicious, though pricey for what you get. do not expect to get full here if you're on a budget and if you like to drink.

2442 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 662-2442

price: $$$
verdict: tasty, try it (i know right, even with that damn piece of hair!)
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  1. This place is a f'ing RIP OFF. We dropped nearly $60 w/ no wine, and left f'ing hungry. Never again. Finally someone agrees with me.

  2. I do not want to go if it's going to leave me hungry... I learned my lesson with tapas earlier this month.

  3. chinese man- there are a lot of complaints about the portion size. i think some plates are generous and some are quite stingy. RECESSION peoples...i think they would benefit from making adjustments to their price points or portion size.

    wtf? you didn't drink? :0

    afro- yup, not recession friendly for sure. cute ambience though but not cute for the wallet.

  4. you know i love hair on my food. i don't even complain. i just continue eating. they don't call me high class lady for nuthin.

  5. yjs, hahaha ill. your the perfect candidate for da runs.


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