Sunday, November 29, 2009

eating disney's california adventure

having a 4 day weekend means going to disney's california adventure baaaabbyy! however, i recalled a disgusting gorge fest at disneyland not too long ago and was appalled when i couldn't fit into my favorite mumu after that. this time, i'm going to eat like a bird...kind of.

to maximize our time, we went early bird special style and got there just when the park opened up. the other gazillion people must have had the same idea so a crowd wasn't avoided per se, but i felt like i maximized my duckets by being god awful early.

lunch started with a trip to taste pilots' grill. the grill served typical fast food, but their claim to fame is their "gourmet ribs." why really? so like a child born yesterday, i ordered it. relatively speaking, it tasted aight, if aight means boiled ribs with hardly any charring and then drenched, and i mean drenched, in a sweet, sticky bbq sauce. it came with a side of fries or a side of sliced apples if you want to be healthy. hey wait a minute...what happened to my apples?!

we also shared a child's plate of sliders because they were also allegedly tasty. the meat patty tasted! the get-off-the-stage kind of boo! the place was super crowded though and appeared to be the favorite eatery for families with many, and i mean, MANY children.

and of course, i can't have a day at the amusement park without a frozen banana with why not get 2?! the first one i gobbled up while waiting in line for soarin' over california.

the second one was consumed as we walked about the park. i even managed to find it a hat to take its glamour pic. yummm, LOVE FROZEN BANANAS WITH NUTS and look at how cute this one looked!

yaddy yadda rides, yaddy yadda walking, then came a quick dinner at corn dog castle. i heard they have amazing corndogs, just like the little red wagon at disneyland and if you've read my post about dizzneyland eats, you KNOW i must have me a corndog.

this time, i chose their hot links corndog which was ewwww....i should have known the fattiness from the hotlinks + the grease from the whole thing being fried = greasy burps and a 1/2 eaten corndog. even the side of sliced apples did nothing to cut the grease or the guilt. next time, i'm sticking to the regular corndog cuz greasy on a stick does not a party in my mouth make.

other than walking about, eating, and standing in line for rides, i popped my head into a few stores just to look. i saw this stand of super ginormous lollipops and recalled a time when i really, really wanted one as a kid, but didn't get one :( i would never want one now though. these lollipops are made for clowns and kids. besides, can you truly eat one all by yourself? i get bored with gum after only a few minutes of chewing it so come on now!

the whole eating experience ended with a mango smoothie at schmoozies. it was rather sour and did nothing to quench my thirst. it did, however, make me pucker up my face like a wrinkled california raisin. a bottle of naked juice smoothie would have been better than this.

so after all the eating and perusing, we bugged out. maybe because this was my first time there, but i thought california adventure edged out disneyland on the "fun-for-old-people" factor. more things to see and everything was so darn CUTE! alright, it'll be like another 7 years before i head back to these parks. i think i would rather go to that other park where there's roulette and craps tables. i think mr. potato head would agree.

Disney's California Adventure
1313 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92802
price: $$$
verdict: fun


  1. I was just hoping today that Disneyland would continue their Free on Your Birthday promotion in 2010. I need a Monte Cristo in New Orleans Square and a corn dog at the red cart!

    Ok, I gotta remember that line.

    I hope their food wasn't the highlite of the TG weekend.

  3. gastronomer- if they be smart, they will extend this promo. one free bday pass means several paid passes to accompany the said bday boy or girl. corn dog sounds good right about now.

    cafe pasadena- double entendres are SOOOOO highschool. anyways, they're good plain and simple. my thanksgiving weekend was restful and family oriented, just as the turkey intended.

  4. Just wondering: aren't the food sold there ridiculously pricey?
    I can't believe I missed a lot of good food the last time I was there! Though, I did have my first candied apple. (I was an Asian tourist, lol)

  5. I liked the cute Mickey Mouse tray but sorry they were boo! I hardly eat at Disney, too expensive!! (but yet so cute!) My favorite is the bread bowl at the Carnation Cafe in Disneyland.

  6. burp and slurp- the food is pricey :( but my belly was hungry :( omg, candied apples are the best!

    southbay- i actually CONTEMPLATED saving that mickey mouse tray and putting it in my backpack. yes, GHETTO. i will have to try the bread bowl at disneyland.....


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