Thursday, May 7, 2009

fire in da hole!

Kyochon Chicken
3833 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 739-9292

price: $$
verdict: not worth my time

my horrible day started with a visit to urgent care. apparently, i ate some questionable mushrooms the night before and got an allergic reaction to it. my face was swollen, my ears rivaled dumbo's, and i was itching like i had crabs crawling on my face. i was not a pretty sight.

after sitting in the third world nation that is my urgent care office, i finally got prescribed steroids to tame the mess that i found myself in. steroids...didn't baseball player rodriguez get in trouble for that? i guess i will be hitting some major home runs as well...feeling slightly pathetic and 100% sorry for myself, i decided to get some ice cream at rite aid when i went to pick up my prescription and then dinner at kyochon since it was on the way home. i was really looking forward to the korean fried chicken since i read so many raving yelp reviews about it. did it meet my expectations? heck no! why would it? remember, it's keeping with my theme of a horrible day.

first off, the chicken is dry and itty bitty. we ordered the combo plate which had 8 pieces of chicken each with two flavors; regular and spicy. as i ate the spicy version, i couldn't help but think that i licked the devil's balls. dang that shizz is spicy! true, there was a sweetness to the sauce, but you had to go through the super hot inferno first. ugh, i'm not sadistic to my tongue so that burn did not feel good to me. coupled with the fact that they served a side salad that is dressed up in mayo and kechup, i just felt pretty yuck after eating my meal. man, what a horrible day.
spicy, burning, sadistic wings.

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